Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mild But Pleasant

I love a good hoppy beer.

This is why I lean to the hop-a-liscious IPA's like Ale Smith, Stone IPA and Reaper Ale's Sleighor.

I lean to heavier end of the scale, that is the IPA's with the over the top bitterness reminiscent of an ex-wife.

This is why I found I was surprised to be pleased by a milder IPA; Harpoon's IPA.

This was like a very well done beer, balanced, lacking the hearty bottom of most of my favorite IPAs but combined that with an equivalent approach to hopping.

Frankly it was more like a good Czech Pilsner with a hoppy character than an IPA.

This beer made me want to sit on the porch on a sunny but cool autumn day, rather than my usual IPA fare's inspiration to subdue a continent for God and Country.

However in and of itself a worthy example of the brewing art.

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