Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Anti-gun zealots want to see the world rid firearms, ridding the world of the equalizer that has long made the physically weak able to fend off the strong.

None to be used in crimes, self-defense or war.

As if magically all struggles would cease as these weapons were removed.

As one with a more than passing interest in mankind's history I know this to be a delusion.

Strife existed before we armed ourselves with more than Mark 1 Mod 0 Rock.

What would it be like to be returned to a world where firearms were no longer available?

Imagine this man, the Viking raider, coming to your home.

What will he want? Any coin, art work, prescious metals, your live stock, your food and the use of any of your daughters.

How would you, the common man or woman resist an armored foe? Will you try to stop hm with your rake, shovel, true pruning implements?

I assure you between his armor and shield he will be able to put thirty inches of his sword through you.

For those who think you would have similar weapons of your own know that the raiders never worked alone. They worked in teams.

Unlike firearms where a few hours of instruction and practice makes an individual somewhat competent, edged weapons require many hundreds if not thousands of hours to master.

Even if you had the resources to commit long, hard hours of daily practice with spear, shield and sword how would you fair against ten men come raiding?

You would only have the time to provide a horrible spectacle for your wife and children to see before they too fell prey to the raider.

Now what of the troops whose job it is to defend you?

The knights, squires and men-at-arms who recieve land grants to be your masters so the fruit of your labors can be taxes to provide them with the time to train in the use of edged weapons, what would you do to resist them when they decided that the taxes on your farm had just gone up so they could receive a bit of the graft (for those who do not know tax farming you are in for a treat).

Would you be able to enforce your will against a despot surrounded by armored men?

Would you be able to stop the republic from becoming a despotism?

How would you enforce your will?

The Second Amendment enumerates the rights of Americans to resist despotism by recognizing the right to be armed in order to resist tyranny with effective weapons.

Imagine a nation without the Second Amendment or firearms. How would you resist the forces of a government turned to tyranny?

You would not be able to.

Even on the individual level of a unarmed man and woman how would a 130 pound woman effectively resist a 200 pound man?

Would the woman suddenly become a martial arts expert beating him senseless as seen in any number of silly hollwood movies?

Although it is chic currently to show pixie like women thrashing two hundred pound men it is far more likely that the disparate levels of physical force would result in the woman becoming a victim.

Think about a world without firearms, where the strong can control the weak.

Where only those with the wealth and time to practice with weapons for hours daily are the strong.

Honestly look at your life and decide which you would be the lord or the peasant.

That is your world without firearms.

Hat tip to the thousands of Historical Reenactors who provide a healthy reminder of our past.

Also thanks to authors such as S.M. Stirling whose works are available at Amazon.

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