Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Terrorism Strikes In Mumbai, India

Mumbia, India (formerly known as Bombay) was struck today by terrorists.

The vermin who have killed at least 147 individuals and wounded hundreds more did so by setting eight bombs on commuter trains. Seven went off and the eight was defused.

There was an hour delay between the event and the appearance of government services.

Who do you ask was the hero of the hour?

The average Mumbai commuter. They banded together and began helping each other.

Those perpetrating this hateful, cowardly crime were the same groups terrorizing the Kashmir region of India.

A roundup of links is available at Pajama's Media.

July 12 Update: Rediff in India has first hand reports from Mumbaikars who were on the train when it was bombed. There are many moving accounts of a community coming together to assist each other.

Hat tip to PJM.

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