Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Surprise For The Bad Guy

A company has recently come up with gloves with built in short blades so a woman could defend herself.

This is an obvious revival of an old idea from India; the Bagh Nakh or Tiger claws.

Rather like Brass knuckles this weapon was favored by the Thugee a cult which had their assassins accompany wayfarers or otherwise befriend travelers prior to murdering and robbing them.

I rather like the idea that a weapon once favored by the worshippers of the Dreadful Bride being used against modern Thuggees like rapists and thieves.

More on Thuggees here.

Of course it would be far simpler to have the young lady stay outside of arm’s reach of her attacker and discourage any nefarious intent with the threat of deadly force.

A firearm being a far more reliable defense for a woman than slugging it out toe to toe with a man, here is a representation of the situation discussed in which the razor blade gloves would be used and an alternate method of defense:

The differences are evident in this photo from Oleg Volks outstanding site, A Human Right.

Hat Tip to Oleg Volk and Pajama's Media

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