Sunday, July 16, 2006

Not A Dirty Hippy Brew

So Sunday afternoon after a round of Prickly Pear Margaritas I began having a few beers.

I started as oft I do in the Summer time with Las Lagunitas Czech Pilsner.

A fine representation of the Czech style pilsner which was created in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Prior to getting to the serious business of a growler from my favorite local brewer, Streets of New York and their fantabulously fresh, strong and envigorating India Pale Ale, I tried an I.P.A. from Green Flash Brewing.

Initially I was worried when I elected to sample this brew as it had a label reminiscent of the dirty hippy brew Hazed and Infuzed which was total and absolute crap. Only someone incredibly high and out of touch with reality could have called that excrement an I.P.A.

No doubt the Sepoy Rebellion would have been nothing compared to what would have happened had this shite been shipped to The Raj to be imbibed by the Redcoats.

However once I tried the Green Flash Brewing Co.'s West Coast IPA I was pleased with its hoppy citrus flavor and serious dark golden amber color. An appreciable head developed on the beer which dissipated my concerns far faster than the head itself disappeared.

West Coast IPA refreshed long after opening even at today's stifling 104 degrees at the poolside.

Truly a feat for which the I.P.A. was created.

I recommend this brew to those in need of refreshment while braving the temperatures of a Southwestern or even Subcontinental summer.

Today's tobacco accompaniament was the ever satisfying La Gloria Cubana Charlegmagne Maduro cigar.

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