Friday, June 23, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks Special Edition II

I have often noted that police officers like to bully people.

The type of bullying that you know for bluster if they were confronted with equivalent force.

This is not to say that they are not brave defenders of the public wearing blue or khaki and patrolling in their Mercurys, Fords and Chryslers.

I recall an officer who I am shamed to say I have forgotten his name, who when hearing of an ongoing shooting spree in a Phoenix Catholic charity building went in without backup and killed the shooter. A lone brave man doing what must be done.

Unfortunately today's post is about his polar opposite.

In Chicago a police officer tried to stop a thief, when the thief pulled a firearm on the officer his three fellow officers who accompanied him turned and ran, leaving him to subdue alone the criminal.

Think about this; four police officers and one criminal. Three police ran away rather than face the threat they are charged with dealing with, leaving someone they knew alone in a life and death situation.

Forget the fact that had they remembered they too were armed and able to put a bullet, pepper spray or baton upon the criminal had they the courage to face danger, they left a coworker, a friend, a comrade in the truest sense of the word alone to face a life and death struggle.

I have no words foul enough to express my disgust.

Shades of Columbine cross my mind where the police in all their Nazi-Deathstar-Stormtrooper-oooh-aint-we-bad gear cowered outside while their community's children were murdered.

Let this be a lesson to all private citizens; Arm yourselves for you have only your courage and arms to defend the lives of your family.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Never trust the government to save you; they usually show up just in time to draw the chalk outline...

Firehand said...

Ah yes, Columbine. I've been pissed about that ever since it happened.

All these armored, heavily-armed cops standing around making plans until it was too late. One of the more disgusting things I've ever seen.