Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Optics, Mounts and Rings, Oh My!

I three rifles which are in need of some enhancement with optics.

Actually its my eye sight.

Its not what it used to be. I noticed this when using my Winchester 1000X 1000 fps .177 caliber air rifle. It came with a scope and it was much easier to use than iron sights.

Regardless of the root cause I do need a little help with optics.

I am looking for optics to use on FN FAL (metric) and my SKS.

I already know I want a Kobra for my wife's AK-47 clone.

I would like to have a relatively low power scope (3-6x) for both the FAL and SKS.

Perhaps even a red dot with 2x magnification.

Mounts I can find for both the FAL and the SKS.

But what difference do the rings make? I have seen scope rings ranging in price from $15 to $100.

Do they make that big of a difference?

What inexpensive $100 to $200 scopes are there that are of dependable quality?

Anyone insight you all could provide would be appreciated.

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Firehand said...

I've used various rings; as long as they are not out-of-round and fit the base & scope tube properly, on most rifles doesn't seem to make much difference.

Probably the best scope I've personally used is a Burris 3x LER; sharp and clear, no problems. However, unless you get it used it's over $300 last time I looked.

I'd say probably any of the name brands(Simmons, Tasco, etc.) should be decent.