Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jim Baen Passes

While reading this mornings news I saw that publishing legend Jim Baen had passed away.

Jim Baen had made his mark on the industry by finding new writers and taking a chance on them.

Where all the other science fiction magazines, which were filled with short stories-the proving ground of new authors, were dying out, Jim Baen invested in them by creating his Universe emagazine.

Always one to pioneer where other companies entered into epublishing and left taking losses Jim Baen's publishing house made over $500,000 per year on epublishing alone.

Authors such as David Drake, one of the first military sci-fi authors I read while growing up, had their works retrieved from the ash heap and later published by Jim Baen.

This man "single handedly dragged science fiction back into the gutter where it belongs".

While I did not know Jim Baen personally, I will say that Jim Baen's work has filled many hours of mine with thoughtful speculation and introspection, wonder, glee and simple amusement.

Thank you Mr. Baen.

For more read David Drake's obituary for Jim Baen.

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