Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jim Baen Passes

While reading this mornings news I saw that publishing legend Jim Baen had passed away.

Jim Baen had made his mark on the industry by finding new writers and taking a chance on them.

Where all the other science fiction magazines, which were filled with short stories-the proving ground of new authors, were dying out, Jim Baen invested in them by creating his Universe emagazine.

Always one to pioneer where other companies entered into epublishing and left taking losses Jim Baen's publishing house made over $500,000 per year on epublishing alone.

Authors such as David Drake, one of the first military sci-fi authors I read while growing up, had their works retrieved from the ash heap and later published by Jim Baen.

This man "single handedly dragged science fiction back into the gutter where it belongs".

While I did not know Jim Baen personally, I will say that Jim Baen's work has filled many hours of mine with thoughtful speculation and introspection, wonder, glee and simple amusement.

Thank you Mr. Baen.

For more read David Drake's obituary for Jim Baen.

A Sudden Attack of Common Sense

The U. S. House of Reprsentatives voted yesterday to overturn a requirement forcing manufacturers of handguns to include a trigger lock with each weapon.

An obvious attack of common sense on the part of the U.S. House of Representatives. A trigger lock prevents the weapon from being accessed during the time of an emergency which is exactly when it will be needed.

Training your children to be aware of the danger of mishandling a weapon are far more effective than a simple lock would ever be at safeguarding lives.

I have purchased several firearms that came with trigger locks.

The first thing I did was throw them away.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fookin' Smoke Nazis

The sanctimonious bastages of the anti smoking lobby are at it again in Arizona.

Not content to kill 20% of the restaurant, pub and bar business in a single city (Tempe) in Arizona, now these self righteous ass clowns want to make the entire state's hospitality industry take a nose dive.

The economic impact referenced is what occurred in Tempe, Az when the anti public smoking bill passed.

Business closed, jobs were lost and tax revenues for the city declined. Talk about your unintended consequences!

Imagine the panic in city hall when the ultra liberal college town's mayor and city council recieved the word they had just diddled themselves! Why now they would have less money to tax away from a useful source and spend on their pet projects.

This is the boon that the nanny stater's want to bring to the rest of Arizona.

Now in the interest of open disclosure: I am a cigar smoker.

Yes, that's right I am that asocial, red meat eating, hunter of all nature's beautiful creatures, devourer of Mother Earth's non sentient children and an owner of firearms.

I like to go to the Brewery and order up a pint of IPA and smoke a cigar every once in awhile.

That I want to continue this activity is not the sole reason for my resistance to this measure.

While the economic impact is bad enough the real hurt will be felt by all citizens if this passes. A slippery slope will have been hit where more and more leglistation regarding our own actions will be passed.

What behavior will the nanny stater's want to modify next?

Your child rearing practices?

Perhaps what clothing you wear and where it can be worn?

Its time to tell all the weak kneed, whiney cry baby, know-what's-best-for-you, nanny staters to get stuffed and send them packing.

Even if you despise smoking as a practice, oppose this movement for your won reasons for whatever activity you like could easily be the next they want to regulate to death.

Optics, Mounts and Rings, Oh My!

I three rifles which are in need of some enhancement with optics.

Actually its my eye sight.

Its not what it used to be. I noticed this when using my Winchester 1000X 1000 fps .177 caliber air rifle. It came with a scope and it was much easier to use than iron sights.

Regardless of the root cause I do need a little help with optics.

I am looking for optics to use on FN FAL (metric) and my SKS.

I already know I want a Kobra for my wife's AK-47 clone.

I would like to have a relatively low power scope (3-6x) for both the FAL and SKS.

Perhaps even a red dot with 2x magnification.

Mounts I can find for both the FAL and the SKS.

But what difference do the rings make? I have seen scope rings ranging in price from $15 to $100.

Do they make that big of a difference?

What inexpensive $100 to $200 scopes are there that are of dependable quality?

Anyone insight you all could provide would be appreciated.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks Special Edition II

I have often noted that police officers like to bully people.

The type of bullying that you know for bluster if they were confronted with equivalent force.

This is not to say that they are not brave defenders of the public wearing blue or khaki and patrolling in their Mercurys, Fords and Chryslers.

I recall an officer who I am shamed to say I have forgotten his name, who when hearing of an ongoing shooting spree in a Phoenix Catholic charity building went in without backup and killed the shooter. A lone brave man doing what must be done.

Unfortunately today's post is about his polar opposite.

In Chicago a police officer tried to stop a thief, when the thief pulled a firearm on the officer his three fellow officers who accompanied him turned and ran, leaving him to subdue alone the criminal.

Think about this; four police officers and one criminal. Three police ran away rather than face the threat they are charged with dealing with, leaving someone they knew alone in a life and death situation.

Forget the fact that had they remembered they too were armed and able to put a bullet, pepper spray or baton upon the criminal had they the courage to face danger, they left a coworker, a friend, a comrade in the truest sense of the word alone to face a life and death struggle.

I have no words foul enough to express my disgust.

Shades of Columbine cross my mind where the police in all their Nazi-Deathstar-Stormtrooper-oooh-aint-we-bad gear cowered outside while their community's children were murdered.

Let this be a lesson to all private citizens; Arm yourselves for you have only your courage and arms to defend the lives of your family.

Queue The Crickets

Yes its been that quiet around here.

I have been in a transitional period of late in the workplace.

Employed, yes. Overworked, yes.

My days have been ranging from 10-14 hours.

Over the last several weeks this has cut into my work out time as I drag my overweight white booty back into shape.

Hopefully this will calm down and I will adjust to the changes in my life.

For those that come here for a wee bit of wit and a good rant please accept my humble apologies.