Friday, April 21, 2006

What's In The Bottle

With a little taste for adventure in mind, I hit the local spirits, cigars, etc shop on the corner.

Today it turns out the long awaited and hyped Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA is in stock.

Having tried the 90 Minute IPA, I had to try the 120.

For those like myself that love solid IPA this is one to test your will with.

When poured ever so gently down the side of the glass it literally increased to 80% head and 20% beer.

Waiting for the head to dissipate was in and of itself a challenge, but will won out.

I tried my first sip and it hit me.

Great Googly Moogly! This thing is as bitter as my ex-wife!

And taking into account its 20% Alcohol by Volume it is not a beer to quickly drink a sixpack..not if you plan on staying horizontal anyway.

Frankly the hoppiness is overwhelmed by the amount of sweetness in the beer, a fact I noted in the 90 Minute IPA and it has held true of the 120 Minute IPA even after attempting the tasting warm as opposed to cold (this suppresses the noticeability of the sweetness and alcohol).

Its nice to say I had it but not something I would recommend to anyone for the simple enjoyment of the brewer's art.

Today's tobacco accompaniment is the ever popular La Gloria Cubana Charlemagne Maduro cigar.


Josh said...

A good solid IPA, sweet and hoppy? I'm going to have to hunt some down. Thanks for the suggestion.

roninaz said...

I would recommend Stone IPA and Sleighor double IPA rather than the Doghead brews.

Hopzilla is good but I admittedly bought it just to say, "Hopziiilllaaaaa!".

Another notable IPA would be Las Lagunitas IPA...maltier than I typically prefer however a solid hoppy effort.