Saturday, April 29, 2006

United 93

My spouse informed me she wanted to see United 93 this weekend.

Today we indeed did go see this movie about the heroes of United Flight 93.

The movie portrayed what is best of our fellow Americans; when confronted with an abominable situation we rise to the occaision.

From father or mother, sales executive or retiree, we turn from our normal selves to be the men and women our country needs in its most dire moments.

For those who would say the movie is too soon I say balderdash.

With the short span of our attention and collective will this movie has come not a moment too soon.

Yes, this movie will recall the strong emotions of that day.

I was moved to see people saying their last goodbye to family.

I was enraged by the monsters that perpetrate these foul murders and those that rejoice over them.

My resolve was reaffirmed after seeing the heroes of United 93 fight for freedom and their lives.

May this story about one particular set of heroes on 9/11 inspire us all.

Never forget.

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