Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Listen Up Che'Tards!

So you Che'Tards are out there being hip protesting while wearing a commie loser's image on your shirt.

I would recommend using a winner's image as a statement if I were you, and I praise the Almighty that I am not.

So sticking with the Latin American theme we have a real hero; Simon Bolivar.

This man, born to an aristocratic Venezualan family, rose above class distinction and led the people of Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Ecuador and his namesake country Bolivia to freedom from the Spanish empire.

Unlike Che who fought to create marxist-leninist drones out of the people of the world, Simon Bolivar fought to make them free.

Of course it would be a shame to dishonour the memory of such a great man by letting an ignorant, smelly hippy wear his image, so its probably best that they are wearing the image that pathetic, murderous idiot loser Che Guevara.

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