Thursday, April 06, 2006

Don't Let Your Mouth Write A Check...

your ass can't cash.

Words of wisdom I learned as a child.

Also one's I employed in my personal behavior and when I called others on theirs as it related to me directly.

Apparently whoever was the father of those leading Iran never taught them this lesson.

Iran is threating to close the Straits of Hormuz again.

Granted the threats are indirect and veiled (no pun intended) while they are displaying their combat swimmers, super stealth flying boat (/derisive snort) and their new missile delivery system, but the message is clear.

Need someone remind them of the last time they tried this trick?

If so, it might as well be me.

So hear we go Iran, follow this link to learn about Operation Preying Mantis at the end of the Iran Iraq War. That is correct this lesson was taught to you only 18 years ago. This should be in living memory of most adults.

But then again you guys are not acting like adults.

Be careful or you will get spanked again.

Hat Tip: Cdr Salamander and LGF

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