Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bad Salesmanship In Immigration Debate III

LGF has a post including 88 photos from the Dallas Legalize the Illegals march.

Some of those protesting really do not understand that they are encouraging resistance to their desired goal rather than aiding themselves by displaying foreign nation's flags, flying the U.S. of A's flag below whatever festering-sore-of-a-country-that-sucked-so-bad-you-had-to-leave-to-get-a-job's flag and pictures of commie murderers and pathetic bandit wannabe revolutionaries.

Come on people, holding up pictures of Che and Pancho Villa?

You are using those losers as hero's? Do you have any idea who pathetic they were?

Pancho Villa's bandits raided an American border town (Columbus New Mexico) and was handed their ass by a detachment of U.S. troops and American private citizens. Pancho Villa lived up to the standard of Mexican military prowess established in the Mexican American War; depending on whose numbers you use he either lost 20% to 50% of his men (90-250) and killed eighteen Americans.

Che was screaming like a girl and trying to surrender when the Bolivian Army captured him and executed him the next day.

'I am Che Guevara and am worth more to you alive', he cried.

The only thing the Bolivians wanted him to do was assume room temperature.

On a positive note a good percentage of the photos show a number of signs in English and American flags.

Nice to see some decent salesmanship for a change.

Hat Tip: LGF and Mjolnir910

For more information on the reference to Mjolnir clicky here.

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