Sunday, April 30, 2006

Old School

Like the stone age.

I just ripped flesh off the bone with my hands and teeth.

Followed by fiery Irish Whiskey.

Its something to stir the primitive in the soul.

Pleasant Buzzin'

In my self designated role as practical expert on the imbibement of India Pale Ale type beers I have again pushed it to the edge of the performance envelope.

Today I tested Dog Fish Head 60 Minute IPA.

You will note I previously tested the 120 Minute IPA by Dog Fish Head. Its character can best be described as similar to the previous visit toBaghdad by Mongolian troops, that is five hundred years ago they laid it totally to waste. Twenty percent alcohol, sweet but not too malty flavor and in my opinion the bitterness was overwhelmed by the sugary taste.

Not so the 60 Minute IPA.

This brew achieved a balance not made by the more highly hopped 90 and 120 Minute IPA's.

While not hoppy enough to delight my palate it was a very craftsmanlike effort, rather like Arrogant Bastard Ale but without the malty aftertaste.

Certainly worth the attention of an IPA afficianado.

Following up the 60 Minute IPA brew we had a balanced effort in the form of Ale Smith's IPA.

Not as hoppy as I would prefer but a fine balance between citrus hop flavor and solid Ale flavor.

Definitely an eight on a ten point scale.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Response to the Immigration Debate Marches

Apparently the illegal alien marches have had an affect on me.

I am tired of seeing bad salesmanship; Illegals Aliens and some no doubt American citizens waving flags from foreign countries, Che'Tards, protest-of-the-week lefties, et al.

I have become annoyed enough to respond with my own boycott; I will not knowingly purchase a product made in Mexico.

That's right.

No Tequila.

No Pacifico, Corona or Negro Modello beer.

Rather than making Margaritas I will be making Daquiris for the spouse.

As I become more aware of products originating in Mexico I will be likely to update the list of products to be shunned.

United 93

My spouse informed me she wanted to see United 93 this weekend.

Today we indeed did go see this movie about the heroes of United Flight 93.

The movie portrayed what is best of our fellow Americans; when confronted with an abominable situation we rise to the occaision.

From father or mother, sales executive or retiree, we turn from our normal selves to be the men and women our country needs in its most dire moments.

For those who would say the movie is too soon I say balderdash.

With the short span of our attention and collective will this movie has come not a moment too soon.

Yes, this movie will recall the strong emotions of that day.

I was moved to see people saying their last goodbye to family.

I was enraged by the monsters that perpetrate these foul murders and those that rejoice over them.

My resolve was reaffirmed after seeing the heroes of United 93 fight for freedom and their lives.

May this story about one particular set of heroes on 9/11 inspire us all.

Never forget.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Inside The Green Husk...

Beats the heart of a marxist-leninist.

This is adroitly pointed out by the ever informative Gates of Vienna blog.

Something I have known for a long time and is demonstrated, no pun intended, at every protest and celebration of Earth day; those eco conscious greens are really just commies.

Read the Whole Thing.

Listen Up Che'Tards!

So you Che'Tards are out there being hip protesting while wearing a commie loser's image on your shirt.

I would recommend using a winner's image as a statement if I were you, and I praise the Almighty that I am not.

So sticking with the Latin American theme we have a real hero; Simon Bolivar.

This man, born to an aristocratic Venezualan family, rose above class distinction and led the people of Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Ecuador and his namesake country Bolivia to freedom from the Spanish empire.

Unlike Che who fought to create marxist-leninist drones out of the people of the world, Simon Bolivar fought to make them free.

Of course it would be a shame to dishonour the memory of such a great man by letting an ignorant, smelly hippy wear his image, so its probably best that they are wearing the image that pathetic, murderous idiot loser Che Guevara.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

CIA Employee Fired For Leaking

A CIA employee, who worked with the NSC in the Clinton Administration, has been fired for leaks connected with the reports of clandestine CIA prisons in Europe.

Nice to see the political operatives being fired for jeopardizing national security.

If you treat the nation's security as partisan game the score will be kept in the number of American's whose children, husband and wives will never see them again.

Know this in your soul, feel it in your bones.


What's In The Bottle

With a little taste for adventure in mind, I hit the local spirits, cigars, etc shop on the corner.

Today it turns out the long awaited and hyped Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA is in stock.

Having tried the 90 Minute IPA, I had to try the 120.

For those like myself that love solid IPA this is one to test your will with.

When poured ever so gently down the side of the glass it literally increased to 80% head and 20% beer.

Waiting for the head to dissipate was in and of itself a challenge, but will won out.

I tried my first sip and it hit me.

Great Googly Moogly! This thing is as bitter as my ex-wife!

And taking into account its 20% Alcohol by Volume it is not a beer to quickly drink a sixpack..not if you plan on staying horizontal anyway.

Frankly the hoppiness is overwhelmed by the amount of sweetness in the beer, a fact I noted in the 90 Minute IPA and it has held true of the 120 Minute IPA even after attempting the tasting warm as opposed to cold (this suppresses the noticeability of the sweetness and alcohol).

Its nice to say I had it but not something I would recommend to anyone for the simple enjoyment of the brewer's art.

Today's tobacco accompaniment is the ever popular La Gloria Cubana Charlemagne Maduro cigar.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Don't Tell The Kids...

What the Easter Bunny does the rest of the year.

Hat Tip: Southparkpundit

Peace Of Easter Marred

Following a murderous attack by a knife wielidng Egyptian muslim on a Christian church during ceremonies, there has been two days of protests and violence in another death has occurred.

This time a muslim man was killed. No news of whether it was the police or Christian demonstrators.

Article here.

Prayers for peace and an end to violence would be in order.

Also I would council the Christians, who make up about ten percent of Egypt's population, to emigrate to a friendlier country, like the United States, where they could practice their faith unmolested.

Happy Easter!

"He is not here...He is risen"

I will defer to a more authoritative figure on the message for Easter, the celebration of Christ's resurrection and ascension after his crucifixion and burial.

Pope Benedict XVI's Easter message:

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Christus resurrexit!- Christ is risen!

During last night’s great Vigil we relived the decisive and ever-present event of the Resurrection, the central mystery of the Christian faith. Innumerable Paschal candles were lit in churches, to symbolize the light of Christ which has enlightened and continues to enlighten humanity, conquering the darkness of sin and death for ever. And today there re-echo powerfully the words which dumbfounded the women on the morning of the first day after the Sabbath, when they came to the tomb where Christ’s body, taken down in haste from the Cross, had been laid. Sad and disconsolate over the loss of their Master, they found the great stone rolled away, and when they entered they saw that his body was no longer there. As they stood there, uncertain and bewildered, two men in dazzling apparel surprised them, saying: “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, he is risen” (Lk 24:5-6). “Non est hic, sed resurrexit” (Lk 24:6). Ever since that morning, these words have not ceased to resound throughout the universe as a proclamation of joy which spans the centuries unchanged and, at the same time, charged with infinite and ever new resonances.

“He is not here . . . he is risen.” The heavenly messengers announce first and foremost that Jesus “is not here”: the Son of God did not remain in the tomb,because it was not possible for him to be held prisoner by death (cf. Acts 2:24) and the tomb could not hold on to “the living one” (Rev 1:18) who is the very source of life. Like Jonah in the belly of the whale, so too Christ crucified was swallowed up into the heart of the earth (cf. Mt 12:40) for the length of a Sabbath. Truly, “that Sabbath was a high day”, as Saint John tells us (Jn 19:31): the highest in history, because it was then that the “Lord of the Sabbath” (Mt 12:8) brought to fulfilment the work of creation (cf. Gen 2:1-4a), raising man and the entire cosmos to the glorious liberty of the children of God (cf. Rom 8:21). When this extraordinary work had been accomplished, the lifeless body was suffused with the living breath of God and, as the walls of the tomb were shattered, he rose in glory. That is why the angels proclaim “he is not here”, he can no longer be found in the tomb. He made his pilgrim way on earth among us, he completed his journey in the tomb as all men do, but he conquered death and, in an absolutely new way, by an act of pure love, he opened the earth, threw it open towards Heaven.

His resurrection becomes our resurrection, through Baptism which “incorporates” us into him. The prophet Ezekiel had foretold this: “Behold, I will open your graves, and raise you from your graves, O my people; and I will bring you home into the land of Israel” (Ez 37:12). These prophetic words take on a singular value on Easter Day, because today the Creator’s promise is fulfilled; today, even in this modern age marked by anxiety and uncertainty, we relive the event of the Resurrection, which changed the face of our life and changed the history of humanity. From the risen Christ, all those who are still oppressed by chains of suffering and death look for hope, sometimes even without knowing it.

May the Spirit of the Risen one, in particular, bring relief and security in Africa to the peoples of Darfur, who are living in a dramatic humanitarian situation that is no longer sustainable; to those of the Great Lakes region, where many wounds have yet to be healed; to the peoples of the Horn of Africa, of the Ivory Coast, Uganda, Zimbabwe and other nations which aspire to reconciliation, justice and progress. In Iraq, may peace finally prevail over the tragic violence that continues mercilessly to claim victims. I also pray sincerely that those caught up in the conflict in the Holy Land may find peace, and I invite all to patient and persevering dialogue, so as to remove both ancient and new obstacles. May the international community, which re-affirms Israel’s just right to exist in peace, assist the Palestinian people to overcome the precarious conditions in which they live and to build their future, moving towards the constitution of a state that is truly their own. May the Spirit of the Risen one enkindle a renewed enthusiastic commitment of the Countries of Latin America, so that the living conditions of millions of citizens may be improved, the deplorable scourge of kidnapping may be eradicated and democratic institutions may be consolidated in a spirit of harmony and effective solidarity. Concerning the international crises linked to nuclear power, may an honourable solution be found for all parties, through serious and honest negotiations, and may the leaders of nations and of International Organizations be strengthened in their will to achieve peaceful coexistence among different races, cultures and religions, in order to remove the threat of terrorism.

May the Risen Lord grant that the strength of his life, peace and freedom be experienced everywhere. Today the words with which the Angel reassured the frightened hearts of the women on Easter morning are addressed to all: “Do not be afraid! ... He is not here; he is risen (Mt 28:5-6)”. Jesus is risen, and he gives us peace; he himself is peace. For this reason the Church repeats insistently: “Christ is risen - Christós anésti.” Let the people of the third millennium not be afraid to open their hearts to him. His Gospel totally quenches the thirst for peace and happiness that is found in every human heart. Christ is now alive and he walks with us. What an immense mystery of love! Christus resurrexit, quia Deus caritas est! Alleluia!

Light Blogging

Between a higher workload than normal and dodging a bug that is going around I have not had the opportunity to update this blog as usual.

Fear not all will return to normal soon.

Your continued patience is appreciated.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bad Salesmanship In Immigration Debate III

LGF has a post including 88 photos from the Dallas Legalize the Illegals march.

Some of those protesting really do not understand that they are encouraging resistance to their desired goal rather than aiding themselves by displaying foreign nation's flags, flying the U.S. of A's flag below whatever festering-sore-of-a-country-that-sucked-so-bad-you-had-to-leave-to-get-a-job's flag and pictures of commie murderers and pathetic bandit wannabe revolutionaries.

Come on people, holding up pictures of Che and Pancho Villa?

You are using those losers as hero's? Do you have any idea who pathetic they were?

Pancho Villa's bandits raided an American border town (Columbus New Mexico) and was handed their ass by a detachment of U.S. troops and American private citizens. Pancho Villa lived up to the standard of Mexican military prowess established in the Mexican American War; depending on whose numbers you use he either lost 20% to 50% of his men (90-250) and killed eighteen Americans.

Che was screaming like a girl and trying to surrender when the Bolivian Army captured him and executed him the next day.

'I am Che Guevara and am worth more to you alive', he cried.

The only thing the Bolivians wanted him to do was assume room temperature.

On a positive note a good percentage of the photos show a number of signs in English and American flags.

Nice to see some decent salesmanship for a change.

Hat Tip: LGF and Mjolnir910

For more information on the reference to Mjolnir clicky here.

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A Reason To Like Monday

Monday is Alpha Male Monday at the Heart Attack Grill.

Great burgers.

Fries fried in lard.

Mmmmmmm lard.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Don't Let Your Mouth Write A Check...

your ass can't cash.

Words of wisdom I learned as a child.

Also one's I employed in my personal behavior and when I called others on theirs as it related to me directly.

Apparently whoever was the father of those leading Iran never taught them this lesson.

Iran is threating to close the Straits of Hormuz again.

Granted the threats are indirect and veiled (no pun intended) while they are displaying their combat swimmers, super stealth flying boat (/derisive snort) and their new missile delivery system, but the message is clear.

Need someone remind them of the last time they tried this trick?

If so, it might as well be me.

So hear we go Iran, follow this link to learn about Operation Preying Mantis at the end of the Iran Iraq War. That is correct this lesson was taught to you only 18 years ago. This should be in living memory of most adults.

But then again you guys are not acting like adults.

Be careful or you will get spanked again.

Hat Tip: Cdr Salamander and LGF