Sunday, March 05, 2006

Momma Wants, Daddy Gets

I am constantly reminded of why I am such a happy man.

The greatest joy in my earthly existence recently reminded she wanted an Ak-47.

Previously after viewing an episode of HBO's Series The Soprano's where Caremella Soprano, wife of the titular mob boss, wielded an Ak-47 when she believed an intruder was trying to break in, my wife noted she wanted an Ak-47.

This weekend I bought her an Ak-47 (semi-auto) that complied with the limitations set upon us by the NFA, GCA and President Bush #41's ban on importation of assault weapons.

Unfortunately I did not find in stock the AK-47 with folding stock which would have made the His and Hers set complete.

As a consolation I purchased an SKS (hand select-unissued state) an inexpensive salve for my disappointment.

Needless to say the men at the gun shop wondered at my fortunate life wherein my soulmate shared my desire to be able to defend our family.

This is another of the pillars upon which my state familial bliss is made.

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