Thursday, March 16, 2006

General Gun Nuttery Activity

I have just received ammo for my SKS and my wife's AK.

Nine hundred (900) rounds of 7.62x39mm ordered from Aim Surplus.

I experienced the same satisfaction in dealing with them that I have come to expect from a great vendor.

I may purchase more next time they have it in stock as insurance against the recent unpleasantness world wide driving the price on ammo up.

Now I am awaiting the magazines I purchased from Brad at Gun Things. He has a solid deal on very good condition AK magazines.

This way I will do less reloading of magazines and more fun shooting when I take my spouse to the range for her first AK shoot.

The only other action items on my plate are:

1. Clean Cosmoline from SKS

2. Wonder what to purchase for Buy A Gun Day (April 15th).

Left on my purchase list for the year are:

His AK-47 with folding stock.

A .45 acp pistol or a Glock .40s&w.

A shotgun for home defense and field use.

A pocket pistol like a Keltec P32 or lightweight revolver.

Of course the cheap bastage in me says get another SKS or Mosin Nagant m44 to keep my other rifles company.

Choices, Choices.

1 comment:

al said...

900 rounds? I thought I was doing good when I picked up 500 rounds of 9mm yesterday just cause I was there.

As for pocket pistols - Keltec has a single stack 9mm coming out that may, depending on your pockets, be a good choice.