Saturday, March 25, 2006

Concealed Carry In Kansas

Kansas' state legislature overrode Governor Sebelius veto of the latest Concealed Carry must issue legislation.

This is the third time in seven years a Kansas governor, one a RINO the other a Democrat, vetoed CCW legislation.

To my knowledge there are 39 states that are must issue concealed carry including the no permit required for concealed carry in Alaska and Vermont.

Naturally the antis are crying there will be blood in the streets, etc.

Not that this has occurred in any of the 38 states to have passed CCW must issue legislation.

I must say I was shocked to see Missouri, my home state, and now Kansas pass concealed carry legislation. Both of these states have had draconian peasant gun control laws including in Missouri forcing those who want to purchase a handgun to get approved by the sheriff's department for the exact handgun you wish to purchase.

That's right a bureaucrat gets to select whether you deserve to own a firearm for self defense. Ridiculous arguments about long guns not requiring the sheriff's approval and the lack of their convenience in self defense (hard to pull one out while being car jacked) aside, sheriff departments routinely and arbitrarily denied permits.

This happened to my own sibling, who while a college student wanted to purchase a handgun for self defense. His application was denied since he was a college student, never mind his three years of residency in that county, his being a college student alone was enough to black list him. While this issue was resolved when he confronted the faceless pencil pushers in Boone County's sheriff's department it illustrates the point that gun control is really peasant control.

My goodness it would be much harder, don't you know, to bully people if you had to worry about them being armed while you were doing your Barney Fife routine.

Obviously much has moved in the direction of the empowerment of the citizens in these mid-western states.

Both Kansas and Missouri required a congressional override of a Governor's veto another indication of the will of the people being asserted through their elected representatives after being thwarted by those political careerists who like their peasants firmly under control.

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