Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Because I Haven't Been Making It To The Range...

I have not been able to make it to the range of late.

Frankly I have never had as much range time as I have ammo.

Its an ongoing issue.

Since I live within a city and it would be imprudent to the say least to fire a weapon in such close confines outside of dire emergency so I had to find another solution.

For a while that was my pellet rifle with a whopping 1000 fps velocity.

While I have had much fun with my Winchester 1000X pellet rifle (.177") it currently is in a need of repair as the sites were damaged.

So I purchased an Air Pistol. Not interested nor willing to invest several hundred dollars in something that will not put down two legged predators I picked up a moderatly priced Russian made break open air pistol, the IZH 53.

Using this in the back yard, especially with a reactive target, will help hone my marksmanship skills.

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