Monday, March 27, 2006

Bad Salesmanship In Immigration Marches II

Another parallel to the immigration marches struck me this morning.

What recent phenomenon do we have that was similar?

The radical muslim cartoon marches.

An attempt to intimidate nations through a show of strength in numbers.

I bring this up since many activist organizations that support illegal immigration have ties to terrorist groups in the Middle East. By viewing information on MECHA or, a site that advocates the return of the southwestern United States to Mexico, you will see their identification with terrorist groups.

These marches will undoubtedly backfire on their sponsors since Americans are by and large not interested in appeasing bullies.

Arnold King has an article up related to the Illegal Immigration issue.

What we have now -- and would with guest workers -- is a conscious policy of creating poverty in the United States while relieving it in Mexico. By and large, this is a bad bargain for the United States. It stresses local schools, hospitals and housing; it feeds social tensions (witness the Minutemen). To be sure, some Americans get cheap housecleaning or landscaping services. But if more mowed their own lawns or did their own laundry, it wouldn't be a tragedy. -- Robert J. Samuelson

He says there are few negatives and positives to illegal immigration.

However he misses the big difference between this wave of immigration and previous immigrants in the last 160 years; namely travel is less expensive and retaining ties to your land of origin easier.

Unlike the Germans, Chinese, Irish, Italians and Eastern European immigration waves they are not in the position of Cortez's men, illgal immigrants from Mexico and Central America's ships have not been burnt to make them commit to their new homeland.

Realizing the cultural gap that must be spanned, border states such as Arizona have instituted changes in the educational system so that we will not create a permanent under class unable to function in the defacto language of the U.S.; English. This of course has been fought tooth and nail by the entrenched education bureaucracies.

To understand the patriotism of many immigrants families you need look no further than our armed forces. A percentage far greater than their representation in the census data in any armed force is made up of Americans of hispanic descent. This valuation, that liberty and economic opportunity are worth defending, is what we need to encourage in our schools.

We should be indoctrinating our new citizens and their children into the political and social structure of the United States or we will see the type of unrest known in Europe should there be an economic downturn that removes the convenience and necessity of the influx of immigrants.

While I see his point regarding the economic tradeoffs and possible negative ripple effect through the economy should we stop the flow of cheap labor, I believe he misses bigger pieces of the puzzle.

The economic impact goes beyond inexpensive labor and services and extends to the straining of social services and our justice system.

While the vast majority of those coming to the United States of America do so to make a better life either by staying and raising families or by making their money and going back to their country of origin, it is indisputable that illegal immigrants are a major portion of the inmates in our penal system. This is not a new phenomenon. All waves of immigrants have brought their criminal element and those that turned to crime when they were not successful in their new land. The difference now is that it is simple for the criminal element to slip back across the borders and to return even after being deported for their criminal activities.

Toughening restrictions on recidivist illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. specifically to engage in criminal activity is a great positive.

Of course a simple physical barrier on our border forcing those that flout our laws to enter through choke points of our choice would allow us to prevent entry by the criminal element.

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