Wednesday, March 08, 2006

AZ Governor Puts National Guard On Border

Arizona's governor realizing an election is coming has ceased waffling on border security in our state and made a token gesture to appease more conservative voters.

What has Janet NapoliReno done? She has sent 100 soldiers from the Arizona National Guard to the border to help secure it.

Governor NapoliReno's crack political consultants must have come up with the brilliant line "We are not at war with Mexico".

There has long been a state of lawlessness on Arizona's southern border. This is not to say that Arizona is unique, to the contrary all states bordering Mexico have a unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants.

Along violent confrontations between private citizens and smugglers of drugs and humans we have had our border and law enforcement officials attacked and in some cases murdered.

This has escalated to the point that in a recent event convoy armed with crew served weapons fought off Sherrif's Deputies (and Border Patrol agents?) to secure their illicit drugs and move back across the border, eluding apprehension.

While I want something done I want it to be more than a token effort.

It will take more than 100 troops to lend aid to the Border Patrol and return safety of person and property to Arizona's border residents.

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