Friday, March 31, 2006

Good Thing The Cold War Is Over

It is a good thing the Cold War is over between Russia, formerly a part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the U.S.

Had this video came out the opposition to the East might have been less strident.

Another Che Loving 'Tard

Babalu blog, long a favorite of mine by way of its unwavering stance against despots the worldwide, has a response to the fools who protest while wearing the image of a murdering Commie bastard.

Thanks again Val for your passion in the struggle against totalitarianism.

Read The Whole Thing.

Slippery Slope

John R. Lott of More Guns, Less Crime and Belleisles debunking fame has a post on the slippery slope of gun control legislation that has left a nation defenseless at the whim of thugs in their midst.

Read The Whole Thing.

I for one will not be donating firearms to the United Kingdom the next time they beg their American cousins for them.

They could have learned their lesson the last time.

They did not, rather than returning firearms lent to them by private American citizens in their time of dire need at the onset of World War II they decided to dump them in the ocean.

The Volokh Conspiracy is Kipling Today

The Volokh Conspiracy, a site that ponders matters judicial and litigious, has a post where Kipling is quoted regarding the Dane-geld.

There is a parallel to this in U.S. history where we fought our first War On Terror, the wars against the Barbary Pirates.

Enjoy The Whole Thing.

Loser's Flag

Sonya's Gotta Scream has a rant on people in the U.S. flying the flags of loser nations.

To sum up: There was a dispute about who owned Texas and where its border was; Texas won; then the U.S. won; Mexico lost twice.
Reat The Whole Thing.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Someone Gets It

An obvious attack of common sense has overcome someone.

Now I am not the only person to realize that the Nazi's were leftists, not the right as our ill educated friends on the left would claim.

Now this makes for a quality rant.

Read The Whole Thing

Hat Tip to South Park Pundit

Democrats Go Gung Ho

Someone must have dosed the Democrats with some testosterone for now they are claiming they will find Osama Bin Laden and whack him using twice the number of special forces and hiring more spies as are currently employed.

For a reasoned, concise response to this frankly unbelievable statement from the American Left go to Gateway Pundit.

Draconian New Gun Control Proposal In NY

Alphecca has a post on draconian new gun control legislation in New York.

This is the sort of widespread ban which would face definite legal challenge as an obvious infringement of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

When I have time I will compare this to previously shot down legislation from San Francisco's gun ban (first time around).

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Because I Haven't Been Making It To The Range...

I have not been able to make it to the range of late.

Frankly I have never had as much range time as I have ammo.

Its an ongoing issue.

Since I live within a city and it would be imprudent to the say least to fire a weapon in such close confines outside of dire emergency so I had to find another solution.

For a while that was my pellet rifle with a whopping 1000 fps velocity.

While I have had much fun with my Winchester 1000X pellet rifle (.177") it currently is in a need of repair as the sites were damaged.

So I purchased an Air Pistol. Not interested nor willing to invest several hundred dollars in something that will not put down two legged predators I picked up a moderatly priced Russian made break open air pistol, the IZH 53.

Using this in the back yard, especially with a reactive target, will help hone my marksmanship skills.

Another Perspective On Immigration Enforcement

Blackfive The Paratrooper Of Love has a post with a differing perspective on immigration and enforcement of our borders.

Read The Whole Thing.

As I often sa; its Assimilation not Immigration that is the issue.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Bad Salesmanship In Immigration Marches II

Another parallel to the immigration marches struck me this morning.

What recent phenomenon do we have that was similar?

The radical muslim cartoon marches.

An attempt to intimidate nations through a show of strength in numbers.

I bring this up since many activist organizations that support illegal immigration have ties to terrorist groups in the Middle East. By viewing information on MECHA or, a site that advocates the return of the southwestern United States to Mexico, you will see their identification with terrorist groups.

These marches will undoubtedly backfire on their sponsors since Americans are by and large not interested in appeasing bullies.

Arnold King has an article up related to the Illegal Immigration issue.

What we have now -- and would with guest workers -- is a conscious policy of creating poverty in the United States while relieving it in Mexico. By and large, this is a bad bargain for the United States. It stresses local schools, hospitals and housing; it feeds social tensions (witness the Minutemen). To be sure, some Americans get cheap housecleaning or landscaping services. But if more mowed their own lawns or did their own laundry, it wouldn't be a tragedy. -- Robert J. Samuelson

He says there are few negatives and positives to illegal immigration.

However he misses the big difference between this wave of immigration and previous immigrants in the last 160 years; namely travel is less expensive and retaining ties to your land of origin easier.

Unlike the Germans, Chinese, Irish, Italians and Eastern European immigration waves they are not in the position of Cortez's men, illgal immigrants from Mexico and Central America's ships have not been burnt to make them commit to their new homeland.

Realizing the cultural gap that must be spanned, border states such as Arizona have instituted changes in the educational system so that we will not create a permanent under class unable to function in the defacto language of the U.S.; English. This of course has been fought tooth and nail by the entrenched education bureaucracies.

To understand the patriotism of many immigrants families you need look no further than our armed forces. A percentage far greater than their representation in the census data in any armed force is made up of Americans of hispanic descent. This valuation, that liberty and economic opportunity are worth defending, is what we need to encourage in our schools.

We should be indoctrinating our new citizens and their children into the political and social structure of the United States or we will see the type of unrest known in Europe should there be an economic downturn that removes the convenience and necessity of the influx of immigrants.

While I see his point regarding the economic tradeoffs and possible negative ripple effect through the economy should we stop the flow of cheap labor, I believe he misses bigger pieces of the puzzle.

The economic impact goes beyond inexpensive labor and services and extends to the straining of social services and our justice system.

While the vast majority of those coming to the United States of America do so to make a better life either by staying and raising families or by making their money and going back to their country of origin, it is indisputable that illegal immigrants are a major portion of the inmates in our penal system. This is not a new phenomenon. All waves of immigrants have brought their criminal element and those that turned to crime when they were not successful in their new land. The difference now is that it is simple for the criminal element to slip back across the borders and to return even after being deported for their criminal activities.

Toughening restrictions on recidivist illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. specifically to engage in criminal activity is a great positive.

Of course a simple physical barrier on our border forcing those that flout our laws to enter through choke points of our choice would allow us to prevent entry by the criminal element.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Moon Base Americana

There are news reports of NASA being directed to plan on the creation of a Moon base as a stepping stone to putting men on Mars.

Of course the cynic in me says this is prompted by the ChiComm's expressing their goal is the moon in the manned space program.

You wouldn't want any potential enemy to get the high ground where the gravity well would make raining death, whether that be kinetic weapons or thermonuclear (at those velocities a warhead would be superfluous), on the rest of the Earth very easy.

Afghan Christian Martyr, Abdul Rahman, Freed

The intolerant Afghan clerics who wanted to execute Abdul Rahman for apostasy, that is he converted from Islam to Christianity, a crime in Islamic law requiring the death sentence, have released him on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

Sounds like international pressure and Hamid Kharzai's talk with Condeleeza Rice did the trick.

Here is hope that this will be a widening trend for those that follow Christianity and indeed all other faiths in the middle east.

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Hat Tip:
Drudge Report

Bad Salesmanship in Immigration Marches

The folks organizing the recent anti Immigration reform marches apparently know very little about salesmanship.

Marching around and waving a foreign countries flag (Mexico, El Salvador, etc) will not get you support from the individuals who actually vote.

Case in point prop 187 in California (legal battle only lost due to lack of will by Gov Gray Davis).

Another example is the Voter ID law in Arizona.

Not only did these individuals fail at the ballot box but they lost the litigation battles as well.

Again the point is assimilation; if you move to the United States of America you learn the language (English) , follow the laws and for the love of all that is holy if you wave a flag you wave the flag of the United States of America.

For those that will point to the change of ownership in the American Southwest during Texas' War of Independence from Mexico and Mexican American War and claim that Mexico will get back the land they lost, I will point out that just because Mexican army troops are good at riding shotgun on drug shipments across the border and shooting at a lone sherrif or border patrol agent it is by no means an indication of how they would stand up to a fight with the U.S. armed forces.

Anyone not knowing what I am talking about see previous entries on the Mexican American War.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Down Under Respect For Feminine Protection

Tim Blair has a post where he notes the successful use of firearms by women to protect their families and themselves.

This is coming from a country with draconian gun control laws many of which were passed in the aftermath of a mass shooting.

Of course the blamed semi automatic weapons used by the killer in question was actually rendered into a bolt action rifle as the barrel was cut so short the gas tube was not returning the weapon into battery.

Naturally facts never entered into panic stricken legislation.

Of course Australia's gun control laws were the same stunning lack of success as Canada's as noted by a level of compliance approacing thirty percent.

Read The Whole Thing.

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The Evil Intimidating the Good

As I have often noted the vast majority of any group you can mention are everyday decent people, the kind of people who love their families, work to feed them and get along with their neighbors.

An excellent illustration of this is seen in Denmark.

A parliamentarian of the Democratic Moslem party has been threatened, the threat caught on video tape, with having his ministry blown up by the same vermin who when the Mohammed Cartoons were not inflammatory enough made their own and proceeded to use them to incite religious strife and rioting.

His offence; working towards integrating immigrants into Denmark.

Again an example of the honest hard working moral individual being attacked by the ruthless purveyor of hate who is attempting to hijack progress.

Hat tip to:
Viking Observer
Gateway Pundit

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The Good Outnumber The Bad

Europe's Ailing Economies and Civil Unrest...

was a recipe for conflict in the twentieth century.

Looks like the formula is being repeated.

You can ask your Grandparents should they be old enough to remember the 1920's and 1930's.

Add civil unrest to economic failure and it begins to look like a crisis is around the corner.

Perhaps not in the following decade but altogether too soon.

Hat Tip: Instapundit

Concealed Carry In Kansas

Kansas' state legislature overrode Governor Sebelius veto of the latest Concealed Carry must issue legislation.

This is the third time in seven years a Kansas governor, one a RINO the other a Democrat, vetoed CCW legislation.

To my knowledge there are 39 states that are must issue concealed carry including the no permit required for concealed carry in Alaska and Vermont.

Naturally the antis are crying there will be blood in the streets, etc.

Not that this has occurred in any of the 38 states to have passed CCW must issue legislation.

I must say I was shocked to see Missouri, my home state, and now Kansas pass concealed carry legislation. Both of these states have had draconian peasant gun control laws including in Missouri forcing those who want to purchase a handgun to get approved by the sheriff's department for the exact handgun you wish to purchase.

That's right a bureaucrat gets to select whether you deserve to own a firearm for self defense. Ridiculous arguments about long guns not requiring the sheriff's approval and the lack of their convenience in self defense (hard to pull one out while being car jacked) aside, sheriff departments routinely and arbitrarily denied permits.

This happened to my own sibling, who while a college student wanted to purchase a handgun for self defense. His application was denied since he was a college student, never mind his three years of residency in that county, his being a college student alone was enough to black list him. While this issue was resolved when he confronted the faceless pencil pushers in Boone County's sheriff's department it illustrates the point that gun control is really peasant control.

My goodness it would be much harder, don't you know, to bully people if you had to worry about them being armed while you were doing your Barney Fife routine.

Obviously much has moved in the direction of the empowerment of the citizens in these mid-western states.

Both Kansas and Missouri required a congressional override of a Governor's veto another indication of the will of the people being asserted through their elected representatives after being thwarted by those political careerists who like their peasants firmly under control.

Alphecca has a great post on this topic.

Read The Whole Thing.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A True Martyr

Afghanistan is trying a man for apostasy, that is he converted to Christianity.

The punishment for this crime in islamic law is death.

It is time for Christians worldwide to call for the release of our martyrs who are jailed and murdered by the vile kleptopcracies around the world and freedom to worship and proselytize.

Read The Whole Thing at Gates Of Vienna.

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Update 3/24:

Apparently Harmid Kharzai is intervening on behalf of the Christian martyr in Afghanistan. Apparently this has the mullahs upset and they are blaming a western conspiracy. Yawn.

Hat tip LGF

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I just received my copy of the complete Firefly series.

Having enjoyed the movie Serenity I purchased the series.

My initial viewing of four episodes leads me to proclaim this the best television series I have seen.

No wonder the fools in charge of the fox television channel killed it; they were only affirming their lack of intelligence and taste.

The series cancellation should obviously be viewed as an affirmation of quality.

I recommend it to all.

PSA: S&W Defective Revolvers

Alphecca has a post regarding defective Smith & Wesson revolvers.

The defects include a 25% failure rate with issues such as failure to go bang when the trigger is pulled and the barrel breaking off.

Be prepared to check your serial number ranges.

This simplifies my April 15th, Buy A Gun Day, decision.

Leftist Demonstrators Remind Us Of Their Idiocy

Leftist protestors are out this weekend in miniscule numbers.

What you ask is the protest of the week? Personally I do not know nor do I care.

To know what is wrong with these people is simple.

Observe the photo of a young man proclaiming Islam Is Peace, this despite hundreds of years of struggle between the Western and Eastern philosophies, while wearing a Che shirt proclaiming his allegiance to a Marxist-Leninist mass murderer whose bravest acts include shooting bound young men in the back of the head.

For background on the subhuman vermin worshipped by this patchoulli wearing smelly hippy dirtbag see my earlier post Commies Aren't Cool.

Hat tip to Powerline Blog and Cdr Salamander.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pirates Are Dumb

Cdr Salamander has a post on a recent naval action where a routine boarding operation off the coast of Somalia, the scene of recent attacks on commercial shipping, uncovered pirates dumb enough to shoot at U.S. Navy vessels, one an Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer and the other a Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser.

Needless to say the fight was over long before the pirate 'tards had a chance to do anything but scream.

RPG's versus Ma Deuce and the Bushmaster? Not to mention 5" / 45 guns, CIWS and the Standard Missile.

You have to be kidding me.

Impeller Drive For Space Travel

The United States Air Force is working on an Impeller drive that would conceivably make the trip to Mars in three hours and a trip to a star system 11 light years away in eighty days.

Of course if we created a class of vessels with this drive and capability the Air Force would find itself awash in submariners since they already have the practice with operating for extended periods of time in a hull they cannot leave sheltering them from an inhospitable environment.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patricks Day

Today is the day we celebrate St. Patrick one of the first to bring Christianity to Ireland.

Today I will be celebrating with Red Breast Irish Whiskey.

We will put it to the test on whether it will hold its ground against such august company as Bushmills, Bushmill's Black Bush, Jameson and Tullamore Dew.

Of course I have a little Irish Red Ale as well although at the moment the name eludes me.

And since today is a day of alcohol soaked celebration and oft resultant debauchery here is a post on men's reproductive rights.

Before you begin your revel gentlemen purchase protection and for once I am not referring to firearms.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

General Gun Nuttery Activity

I have just received ammo for my SKS and my wife's AK.

Nine hundred (900) rounds of 7.62x39mm ordered from Aim Surplus.

I experienced the same satisfaction in dealing with them that I have come to expect from a great vendor.

I may purchase more next time they have it in stock as insurance against the recent unpleasantness world wide driving the price on ammo up.

Now I am awaiting the magazines I purchased from Brad at Gun Things. He has a solid deal on very good condition AK magazines.

This way I will do less reloading of magazines and more fun shooting when I take my spouse to the range for her first AK shoot.

The only other action items on my plate are:

1. Clean Cosmoline from SKS

2. Wonder what to purchase for Buy A Gun Day (April 15th).

Left on my purchase list for the year are:

His AK-47 with folding stock.

A .45 acp pistol or a Glock .40s&w.

A shotgun for home defense and field use.

A pocket pistol like a Keltec P32 or lightweight revolver.

Of course the cheap bastage in me says get another SKS or Mosin Nagant m44 to keep my other rifles company.

Choices, Choices.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PA Jail Stand off Over

From the Volokh Conspiracy the Palestinian Terrorist vowing to fight to the end and achieve martyrdom have surrendered.

Surrender of Jericho Terrorists:

"Our prison is surrounded on all sides by Israelis. They are asking us over loudspeaker to come out," Ahed Abu Ghoulmi, one of the targeted prisoners. "We will not come out under any circumstances."

"We are not going to surrender. We are going to face our destiny with courage," Sa'adat later told the Arab satellite channel Al-Jazeera.

Several hours later, they all surrendered. Guess martyrdom is just for the patsies, not for "leaders" who can hope to eventually be released in a prisoner exchange.

No surprise that those that murder the innocent by sending splodeydopes to blow themselves up on buses, in pizzarias, etc are too cowardly to fight it out.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Danish Buycott Continues

I purchased some Danish Fontina this weekend.

While I am not that big a fan of this cheese I have someone in my household that is.

I am purchasing Danish products as an act of solidarity in their stand for Free Speech.

What have you purchased to support the Courageous Danes?

More on the Danish Buycott here.

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More On The Epidemic Of Rape

Conservative UAW Guy has a post on a symposium regarding women being gang raped for not covering themselves in the fashion some backwards ass malignant thugs wish.

Read The Whole Thing.

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PA Prevented From Releasing Terrorist From Prison

The Belmont Club has a post detailing the situation in a prison in the Palestine Authorities control where a terrorist who masterminded many suicide bombings and the assasination of Israel's Minister of Tourism in 2001, were reported about to be released.

This release was thwarted by the departure of the U.K. Observer Team at the prison.

Once all observers had left, leaving the area unattended Israeli forces invested the prison.

Its a shame we could not do this when the killer of Robert Dean Stethem was released by Germany.

More On The LCS

While I would not refer to this as evolution of a design, since ineffective designs in nature die out unlike the LCS, there is more on the history of the LCS program at Cdr Salamander.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Forgotten Lessons Of Counter Terror Campaigns

There have been many counter terror operations throughout modern history. Most of these campaigns against evil men and women have been long forgotten.

The Belmont Club has a post regarding some of the United States previous successes in campaigning against the sub human vermin which deliberately target and kill the innocent.

Included in this post are references to successful pseudo operations, where counter terrorism units are trained to operate and think like those hunt, infiltrate them and then exterminate them.

I have read references to successful pseudo operations dating back to the ninteen-sixties but was unfamiliar with those detailed at the Belmont Club.

For more information on Pseudo Operations see information on the Selous Scouts here and here.

Also noted were tactics used to counter terror with terror; using the fears and superstitions of the terrorists against them.

Example from the Belmont Club:

One psywar operation played upon the popular dread of an asuang, or vampire.... When a Huk patrol came along the trail, the ambushers silently snatched the last man of the patrol.... They punctured his neck with two holes, vampire-fashion, held the body up by the heels, drained it of blood, and put the corpse back on the trail. When the Huks returned to look for the missing man and found their bloodless comrade, every member of the patrol believed that the asuang had got him and that one of them would be next.... When daylight came, the whole Huk squadron moved out of the vicinity.

The great portion of this post to me is that there are successful operations of which we will never hear or only hear of in passing fifty years later. While the actions of those men and women who are defending us are beyond what we would normally condone they are the successful treatment of the cancer that terrorism is.

Read The Whole Thing.

Note: References made to Bush War aka Second Chimurenga and either side, whether that be colonialist or communist insurgent are made for informative purposes.

As this blog support democratic representative governments, the right of self defense, freedom of expression, property rights and the universal franchise (for adult citizens over 18) both sides involved in the Rhodesian-Zimbabwean conflict(s) are held in in contempt

The Roe Men

Gates of Vienna blog has an interesting posts on male reproductive rights.

Essentially a man is asking to be relieved of child support payments since he was assured by his girlfriend she was unable to bear children and she understood his desire to not be a parent.

The case boils down to should men have the same right women have to select when they become a parent.

I always note this time for this decision is prior to the activity which creates offspring.

Responsibility is the key.

That being said frequently men are held hostage for 18 years as women who claim they are the father or otherwise entrap them.

While I agree that it is time to stop rewarding the women who deliberately become pregnant without the man's consent by deceit or otherwise defraud men by presenting dubious issue for child support, men should still bear responsibility for their actions.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Littoral Combat Ship

CdrSalamander has another great post in the on going saga of the LCS boondoggle.

Apparently the U.S. Navy and Congress has taken a page from our esteemed friends across the pond and decided to create an expensive ship that is nearly useless.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Death, Hate and Discontent

Powerline blog references an article where the Sunnis in Anbar province in Iraq are killing the foreign Al Quaeda elements among them.

This appears to be factional fighting between one group of terrorists against another.

Al-Jadaan, the Anbar tribal leader, looked confidently to the future and — if his prediction comes true — what likely will be a hero's role in the eyes of the U.S. military. "Under my leadership and that of our brothers in other tribes, we are getting close to the shelter of this terrorist," al-Jadaan said of al-Zarqawi. "We will capture him soon"

Even at that level this is good for our men and women in harm's way.

Read The Whole Thing.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Feminine Protection

I always encourage women to take the steps necessary to protect themselves and their families.

When my youngest stepdaughter moved out I purchased a shotgun, a Remington 870 Express, for her personal defense along with a flashlight and a couple of bottles of pepper spray.

Now that the young lady is about to turn 21 she informed me what she wanted for her birthday was a handgun.

After doing some searching I found an excellent first handgun for her defensive needs; a Smith & Wesson Model 10 (slim countour) with a 4" barrell.

Once she is more familiar with handguns her preference may be for a semi-automatic weapon like the Glock 19.

But for now this weapon will be adequate to insure her safety.

I pray fervently that this weapon need never be used outside of the range.

But I will rest easier knowing she has a Mr. Unfriendly there to back up her resistance to becoming a victim.

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AZ Governor Puts National Guard On Border

Arizona's governor realizing an election is coming has ceased waffling on border security in our state and made a token gesture to appease more conservative voters.

What has Janet NapoliReno done? She has sent 100 soldiers from the Arizona National Guard to the border to help secure it.

Governor NapoliReno's crack political consultants must have come up with the brilliant line "We are not at war with Mexico".

There has long been a state of lawlessness on Arizona's southern border. This is not to say that Arizona is unique, to the contrary all states bordering Mexico have a unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants.

Along violent confrontations between private citizens and smugglers of drugs and humans we have had our border and law enforcement officials attacked and in some cases murdered.

This has escalated to the point that in a recent event convoy armed with crew served weapons fought off Sherrif's Deputies (and Border Patrol agents?) to secure their illicit drugs and move back across the border, eluding apprehension.

While I want something done I want it to be more than a token effort.

It will take more than 100 troops to lend aid to the Border Patrol and return safety of person and property to Arizona's border residents.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Momma Wants, Daddy Gets

I am constantly reminded of why I am such a happy man.

The greatest joy in my earthly existence recently reminded she wanted an Ak-47.

Previously after viewing an episode of HBO's Series The Soprano's where Caremella Soprano, wife of the titular mob boss, wielded an Ak-47 when she believed an intruder was trying to break in, my wife noted she wanted an Ak-47.

This weekend I bought her an Ak-47 (semi-auto) that complied with the limitations set upon us by the NFA, GCA and President Bush #41's ban on importation of assault weapons.

Unfortunately I did not find in stock the AK-47 with folding stock which would have made the His and Hers set complete.

As a consolation I purchased an SKS (hand select-unissued state) an inexpensive salve for my disappointment.

Needless to say the men at the gun shop wondered at my fortunate life wherein my soulmate shared my desire to be able to defend our family.

This is another of the pillars upon which my state familial bliss is made.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

More Change Ahead For SCOTUS?

A news report referenced Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg falling asleep while the court was in session.

Does this foreshadow another resignation on the Supreme Court?

Should this be a trend that is now being reported, Justice Ginsburg should resign and allow the appointment of a replacement.