Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Welfare State and Rewarding Bullies

Dr. Helen has a post regarding the Nanny States in Europe's welfare systems rewarding recent immigrants with access to monthly income stipends and health care.

That there is a safety net designed to prevent hardship from being experienced when individuals are at risk e.g. have lost their job and have no health care for their children or themselves, food stamps or equivalent to prevent children from being hungry is an admirable thing.

That this safety net is abused by long term welfare recipients which immigrated for the sole reason of acquiring these benefits without working is vile.

It has long been documented that in Scandinavian countries that many immigrate simply for the welfare benefits, most notably on family reunitement visas.

Ekhaugen researched the amount of welfare payments received: i.e. social assistance, unemployment benefits, disability pension, sickness benefits and rehabilitation benefits. The payments had to be received during at least one month per year, with the exception of sickness benefits, which were not counted for periods of less than three months to avoid defining too large a group as welfare participants.

If labour force participation is taken as a measurement for immigration success Ekhaugen’s research contradicts the often heard assertion that Norway’s labour market depends increasingly on immigrants. The study indicates quite the reverse. Moreover the situation has dramatically worsened during the past two decades. If the present evolution continues immigration will increase the pressure on the welfare state rather than relieving it because many immigrants do not join the tax-paying part of the population. Nevertheless, a distinction must be made between the different types of immigrants:
“Refugee immigrants do show signs of assimilating out of welfare, but the decrease is small […] The average non-western, non-refugee immigrant, most likely arriving on family reunification, assimilates into welfare […] We also see certain signs of assimilation into welfare among the western immigrants, but the claimant probability is notable lower throughout than is the case for the other groups.”
This statement is startling enough however when accompanied by the statistics is horrifying to anyone who has a job to feed their family and pays their taxes:

Ekhaugen’s study shows that after 17 years in Norway refugees become less welfare dependent than non-western immigrants. 50% of the non-western immigrants who settled in Norway in the period from 1966 to 1975 were welfare dependent 25 years later. 60% of the group of refugees who arrived between 1992 and 1996 were still receiving welfare benefits 5 years later, while this was only the case for 36% of the non-western immigrants and 18% of the immigrants from western countries. After 8 years 55% of the fugitives was still receiving welfare subsidies. Of the foreigners who arrived between 1966 and 1985 40% was getting welfare payments after 20 years. For native Norwegians the figure is 27%, but because this group is on average older the difference with the immigrants is even greater than the figures indicate.
It is not too late for the Norwegians to follow the lead of the Netherlands and Denmark in limiting access to their welfare system and deporting those who are not contributing to the economic well being of their host nation.

Judging from Norway's recent capitulation to the purported outrage of muslims regarding the cartoons of Mohammed recently published by the Dutch, and republished by Danish, French and German newpapers, their asserting their native culture's sovereignty and forcing immigrants to actively participate as a net positive asset to the economy and community are nil.

Further on this point as surprising to those of us that work hard, many of the people who are involved in the welfare system feel entitled to recieving it as their due, frequently resorting to bullying tactics and violence against social workers.

Dr. Helen points out how she dealt with these individuals:

I learned to talk in a big booming voice that commanded authority and never swayed from speaking in an objective manner-of-fact tone. Once the potentially violent client saw that I was not intimidated by threats or strong language, they often settled down and cooperated. Too bad European countries haven't learned this lesson--appeasement of violence doesn't work.
This is something that I learned on the playground as a child; if you stand up to a bully they will go find others for their sadistic games. You may have a fight on your hands once but thereafter, when or lose, you will be off their list of targets.

It is time to give a quick kick to the fundament to those that want to suckle at the government teat without returning any work in exchange. Whether these be immigrants whose sole purpose in arriving in their new host country's is to milk the welfare system or home grown lazy bastards, they should be forced to get jobs.

Much as we sympathized with the Katrina victims, even the overly generous with our tax dollars U.S. welfare system has forced them out of government paid housing after six months.

Perhaps this could be a lesson for Europe, benevolence and charity yes but not lifelong support?

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