Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks Special Edition

Here is what appears to be a clear example of police harassment.

Under the cover of an alcohol compliance inspection to avoid using a search warrant 70-90 officers tear apart a pool hall looking for drugs.

That is right, no search warrant.

Judge probably would not authorize one so they tried to find a convenient excuse to excercise their vendetta.

Here is a description of the family that operates the pool hall from the agitator:

Prior to the raid, Rack n' Roll Billiards had a spotless, 18-year record with ABC. David Ruttenberg has no criminal record, nor does his father Neil, who's a partner in the club. David's brother, and Neil's son, is the incoming president of the Fairfax Bar Association. Neil says he had a top-secret security clearance with the U.S. government up until 2000. He has a JD from Columbia, and has been practicing law for 40 years. His daughter is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy reserves, and served in both Gulf Wars. This isn't a shady family. It's difficult to see what reason police would have had to target David Ruttenberg or the bar he runs in a drug raid.
Obviously prime crime lord material.

The result of their no search warrant raid; three patrons arrested on drug charges, all of whom worked directly or indirectly for the police department who conducted the raid.

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Josh said...

That's just...ridiculous.