Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Poland's New Martyrs Campaign

Those reared outside of Christianity hear the word martyr and the only thing that occurs to thems is the 'sploydopes of the Al Aqsa Martyrs brigade who blow up women and children in Israel.

The reality is there are true martyrs made in these times but they are Christians spreading the word to the world.

Like St. Peter or the martyrs literally fed to lions in Rome's Coliseum, men, women and children die for their faith today.

In Poland there is a campaign to highlight the persecution of modern Christians

One man was murdered for refusing to convert to Islam.

Another was a priest murdered in Turkey as a reprisal against the dreaded caricatures of Islam's prophet Mohammed.

To me it is no surprise that the brave Poles stand again at the fore.

Whether it be their charge from the Gates of Vienna attacking the Ottoman army besieging their allies or their steadfast resistance to Communism, the Pole's actions declare their status as a brave people.

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