Thursday, February 23, 2006

Interfaith Violence In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country split between the world's two largest religions, in the North Islam and the South Christianity.

This has been the cause of violence previously as muslims have attempted to impose Sharia upon the nation.

Naturally Christians want a state with secular law not the capricious rulings of Sharia judges.

From Foxnews:

The Maiduguri protests turned violent, and 18 people, most of them Christian, were killed.

Twenty-five more died in similar violence in the northern city of Bauchi, sparking reprisals in Onitsha.

"The Muslims started it when they attacked the Christians due to the cartoon of Muhammad in Denmark. If they cartooned their god, well, they must endure it and not fight," said Christian Ike, a 35-year old motorcycle taxi driver. "We want to be one Nigeria."

Emeka Umeh, who heads leading human rights group Civil Liberties Organization in Anambra state, said at least 80 people were killed in Onitsha — 60 Tuesday and 20 Wednesday.

What the situation boils down to is:

If you act like civilized human beings not rabid animals and there will be no violence. However should you feel the need to kill innocent people over a cartoon or other perceived slight expect a violent retaliation.

Essentially to borrow a quote from Swearingen on Deadwood, "Act civilized even if you ain't".

Hat Tip to You Know Who.

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