Friday, February 03, 2006

Gun Free Zones

There are those among our lawmakers who still believe disarming everyone in a given area will make them safe.

This has happened at our schools where "zero tolerance policies" where having your deer rifle or sporting shotgun in your truck or car can lead to your expulsion. This however leads to our children being vulnerable to anyone who wishes to perpetrate a murderous rampage.

There are even instances of school shootings where those seeking to stop a rampage are forced to leave the site of the shootings to retreive a weapon from their vehicle since they are not allowed to park on campus.

This ridiculous policy has brought about another disaster.

In this instance a woman returned to the work place she was removed from two years earlier, to exact her revenge.

That is correct was the proverbial "going postal".

This time a 44 year old woman with her 9mm pistol killed six people and later herself.

She entered the facilities fenced in with barbwire parking lot by simply following closely to another car.

To enter the building she simply held an employee at gunpoint and acquired their badge.

Safety of the gun free workplace at work; anyone with a minimum of motivation can make it in and do as they will.

Apparently the "phychologically disturbed woman" had the presence of mind to reload and continue her spree.

Had there been someone armed in the building they would have been able to stop her or at least provide more time for their co-workers to escape.

Rather than the woman being stopped she murdered six people and later killed herself, thought to be a record for a female spree killer.

Many government buildings, state, local and federal, have had these regulations to disarm citizens for a number of years.

Now we are seeing these regulations springing up at private businesses. Notably Connoco Phillips at an Oklahoma plant ran a "random" search for firearms on the first day of deer season. Those whose vehicles in the company parking lot were found to have firearms were dismissed.

Oklahoma later passed a state law forbidding companies from firing employees who have firearms in their vehicles.

While I previously had a gas card from this company I have terminated it.

Murderous rampages do not occur at shooting ranges, gun stores or anywhere the populace is armed. Rather they occur where the potential victims are unarmed and helpless to do anything but flee for their lives.

As usual victim disarmament does nothing but make the oppressors job easier. Whether you were a subject of the Soviet Union fearful of the Chekists hauling you off in the middle of the night or an employee at a large corporation with a "no firearms on property policy" you are at the mercy of those with a malevolent purpose.

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