Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gun Control Success In Massachusets

Massachusets is one of the states with repeated calls for more gun control.

Currently there are varying types of firearms licenses issued based upon a subjective background check performed by the local police state representatives.

They will decide what type of firearms you are allowed to purchase.

Naturally as Massachusets has increased gun control to the ridculous their crime rates have shot through the roof.

Now the state which legalized gay marriage has had a murderous rampage at a gay bar by a self proclaimed eighteen year old Nazi.

Naturally the chekists in the state of Massachusets were unable to find the murderous bastard and it took the Arkansas State troopers (Highway Patrol or State Police I cannot remember which they are) to stop them.

That is correct, no doubt, the despised Southernors who the East coat elite feel so superior to were able to locate and stop Massachusets home bred Nazi.

Here we see the continuation of a trend; the states with the highest gun control also have the spree killings.

Example California's postal shooting this week where six were killed.

Apparently being in a state and place (bar) where the politicians feel you should be disarmed is makes it far more likely to die in a mass killing.

I look at these a microcosm of what police states have done to their own citizens over the last one hundred years; the Soviet Union killed more than 20 million of their own subjects, Nazi Germany killed 12 million, the People's Republic of China killed 60 million, etc.

What will it take for the citizens of states like Massachusets and California to wake up and demand their human right to self defense not be infringed?

mAssBackwards has a great post on the worker's paradise of Taxachusets and this killer.

Gun Free Zones

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