Friday, February 10, 2006

France Upguns Nuke Capability

News reports indicate that France has increased the range of their nuclear strike capabilty.

Thursday Jacques Chirac, President of France, announced that France's Ultimate Threat has been upgraded so they have greater range.

This seems to be about two years ahead of a scheduled upgrade to later missiles for France's SLBM fleet.

This range upgrade by way of reducing the number of MIRV's, if mathcing the planned range of 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers for 2008, would provide more than sufficient strike distance to hit targets anywhere in Europe, the Middle East and most of Asia.

France much like the United States, Russia (The former Soviet Union), China and the United Kingdom have maintained a constant deployment of SSBN's to ward off any threat.

What is more striking, pardon the pun, than the upgrade in capability is the accompanying statement:

"The ultimate warning restores the principle of dissuasion," the military source told Libération. The president is not talking about a choice between an apocalypse or nothing at all."

The paper says according to its information "ultimate warning" could take two new forms.

The most demonstrative would be to fire a relatively weak warhead into a deserted zone far from centres of power and habitation. The more radical option would be to explode a bomb at an extremely high altitude with the aim of creating a brief but enormously strong electromagnetic field which would disable or destroy all non-protected electronic systems in the area.

That this statement is being made after the recent unpleasantness in France and repeated warning to Iran that France would strike unilaterally fleshes out my personal belief that Iran has been acting to destabilize the French government through its immigrant proxies in France.

France is essentially saying back off or we will turn out the lights, returning your country to the eighth century anno domini.

Perhaps the historically strong gallic spirit of independence is awakening from its near hundred year slumber during the reign of socialism and its attendant crushing malaise.

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Cardiff Giant said...

France isn't the only country playing with big firecrackers!

Make the bad men stop!

roninaz said...

If their new warhead has some preprogrammed defensive maneuvers there is an answer: Hit the missile in the boost phase or right before it hits the apogee.