Thursday, February 02, 2006

Firearms Used By The Mythical James Bond

While the current Bond may be a firearm hating Nancy Boy, previously the Bond franchise from books to movies has featured many different firearms.

Typically when someone thinks of Bond, James Bond, they see in their mind a suave man armed with his wits and a Walter PPK.

Despite this image there were many firearms used by James Bond.

Among them a pocket sized Beretta 418

Other automatics included the Beretta M1935 and the venerable Colt 1911.

Other firearms used by the infamous spy with a license to kill include revolvers such as the Colt Police Positive.

Another Colt revolver used was the famous Colt Detective Special the recognizable veteran of many 1960’s cop shows.

When the series of books was continued after the original author passed away other firearms besides the beloved PPK were used.

One of these the ASP a modified Smith & Wesson 9x19mm semi automatic pistol.

Replacing the .32acp (7.65mm) PPK the most recent Bond films have displayed a Walter P99.

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