Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Danish Spirit

One Dane has written an excellent article referring to the often violent and disproportionate response to the caricatures of Mohammed ran by a newspaper four months ago.

His speech is direct and unapologetic.

Read the Whole Thing.

Recently these cartoons were ran again in various countries as an affirmation of Free Speech.

Unfortunately the one country which should speak the loudest on free speech, the United States of America, has not supported the Danes. Rather the U.S. State Department spoke of using restraint and not to antagonize.

Our own news agencies the vaunted American media who frequently proclaim their support of the first amendment are afraid to publish the caricatures.

This is exactly the opposite of the founding father's intention. We should especially protect and support free speech that offends others.

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The Stark Raving Viking said...

Free Speech is only Free if it is protected.

I have found out from having lived in Connecticut that the Constitution does not apply even in the Constitution State.

Test the 1st Amendment by trying to redress grievances to elected officials regarding police and judicial misconduct, and spout off in newspapers pissing off judges, prosecutors, and police, AND then get arrested and then held in a prison as a political prisoner.

I did.

Try putting "Steven G. Erickson" in a search engine.