Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Brokeback Bond?

Apparently the new Bond film, a remake of Casino Royale, has begun filming without the formula being complete; they have neither the proverbial Bond girl nor a villain.

Considering the Nancy Boy-Guns-Scare-Me attitude of the new actor playing James Bond this is not much of a surprise.

Should they have decided to make a "Brokeback Bond" movie at least they could have picked a tough gay guy to play Bond.

Previous post on Nancy-Boy Bond; New James Bond Actor Hates Firearms.

Please note the Nancy Boy reference is the second meaning as listed in that of effeminate man and is not a reference to male homosexuals.

Update 2/2/2006:
Director of Bond film Die Another Day arrested for soliciting a prostitute while dressed in drag.


Cardiff Giant said...

wow...Iam Flemming is rolling over in his grave...not to groan, but to hide his ass so none of the new James Bond cast or crew try to violate it!

I say bring back the essence of bond...Hot women, guns, violence and bad guys with bad plans!

Cardiff Giant said...

Appearantly he's already getting his ass kicked! What a sissy!