Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Al Quaeda Document On Failed Syrian Coup

Al Quaeda apparently tried to destabilize the Syrian government.

Austin Bay has a translation with comments of a document that covers their methods and failures.

From Austin Bay:

On page 11 — the failure of Muslim organizations to instill genuine “hard militancy.” This puts the Cartoon Wars in a new light. Al Qaeda has had ten to fifteen years to “harden” these organizations.

Inability to transform civilian Islamic missionary groups into military organizations capable of resistance and self defense:
This could be the most valuable lesson relating to the Islamic missionary groups in the Arab & Moslem countries. The battle may have erupted unexpectedly; however a large sector of the Moslems (Especially the leaders) knew that it was inevitable, those leaders did not prepare nor plan. Those missionary groups brought their peaceful missionary style and methods to the fight, the sheik failed miserably when he wore the general’s hat. It is astonishing to see and hear leaders of Moslem organizations preaching jihad and claiming that dieing for “Allah” is their ultimate wish, yet they fail for tens of years to instruct religiously and train militarily for that fight, they could not produce documents for emergency (e.g. passports), or save money for tough times. They were unable to mobilize effectively and in a hurry, those organizations were ineffective and eventually collapsed.

It is obvious to me why their is not a hardened militancy in Western Europe's muslims. Those that have assimilated and particpate in the economic community as a net positive asset and coexist with the host countries culture are successful and see no need for change.

Those individuals who have immigrated and not assimilated are dependent on government handouts and financial aid.

Turning their host countries into another middle eastern kleptocracy would eliminate their benefactor.

Specifically those protestors want enough violence to intimidate the government and social structure into providing more benefits without pushing them to the point of open war.

Read The WholeThing.

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