Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Poland's New Martyrs Campaign

Those reared outside of Christianity hear the word martyr and the only thing that occurs to thems is the 'sploydopes of the Al Aqsa Martyrs brigade who blow up women and children in Israel.

The reality is there are true martyrs made in these times but they are Christians spreading the word to the world.

Like St. Peter or the martyrs literally fed to lions in Rome's Coliseum, men, women and children die for their faith today.

In Poland there is a campaign to highlight the persecution of modern Christians

One man was murdered for refusing to convert to Islam.

Another was a priest murdered in Turkey as a reprisal against the dreaded caricatures of Islam's prophet Mohammed.

To me it is no surprise that the brave Poles stand again at the fore.

Whether it be their charge from the Gates of Vienna attacking the Ottoman army besieging their allies or their steadfast resistance to Communism, the Pole's actions declare their status as a brave people.

Read The Whole Thing at Gateway Pundit

Sunday, February 26, 2006

FEMA Fumbles On Family Disaster Checklist

FEMA has been widely criticized after Hurricane Katrina Devestated the Gulf states of Louisiana and Alabama.

Part of their mandate is to assist American families in preparing themselves for survival in the aftermath of a natural or man made disaster.

Among their efforts to do is a preparedness checklist available at FEMA.gov.

Here is a list of the non apparel items in their preparedness list:

Three-day supply of nonperishable food and manual can opener.

Three-day supply of water (one gallon of water per person, per day).

Portable, battery-powered radio or television and extra batteries.

Flashlight and extra batteries
First aid kit and manual.

Sanitation and hygiene items (hand sanitizer, moist towelettes, and toilet paper)

Matches in waterproof container.


Extra clothing and blankets.

Kitchen accessories and cooking utensils.

Photocopies of identification and credit cards.

Cash and coins.

Special needs items such as prescription medications, eye glasses, contact lens solution, and hearing aid batteries.

Items for infants, such as formula, diapers, bottles, and pacifiers.

Tools, pet supplies, a map of the local area, and other items to meet your unique family needs.

Did you notice the missing element?

That is correct they made no suggestion for providing for the safety of your family; a firearm.

In light of recent events I rechecked this list from the first time I had seen it in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

I noted the absence of one critical element in surviving a disaster; a means to protect your family.

For those that were unable (health concerns, lack of physical mobility, no personal transportation) or unwilling (business owners protecting their property or just plain old stubborn American cussedness) to evacuate in the aftermath of a disaster they will be operating in an anarchy where the only recourse is to defend yourselves.

I will take this time to note that in economically disadvantages areas and cities throughout the nation it is exactly the poorest among us that are most at risk. Not only are their neighborhoods the den of the criminal element but they are surrounded in an element prone by nature to take advantage of an absence of authority.

Notably the one attempt to restore law and order in New Orleans after the inhabitants were left to cope on their own in the aftermath of Katrina by their pathetic excuse for a mayor Ray Nagin and equally ineffectual governor Kathleen Bianco, was to attempt to disarm the remaining citizen population who were being preyed upon by roving gangs of looters.

This was stopped by quick action by Second Amendment rights groups such as the NRA and GOA

FEMA itself had to back down from its plan to disarm all inhabitants of their shelters and temporary housing.

Post Katrina I would expect our civil servants in FEMA to have altered theglaring omission of a means to protect themselves.

I am sad to say they have not.

For those not currently prepared here is a link to with a great post on providng safety for your family in the aftermath of a disaster at the Confederate Yankee's site

While some may find this post untimely I will remind them that this is the time to prepare for the next disaster.

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Navy's New Brown Water Initiative

The U.S. Navy's new program for a coastal patrol ship has begun to bear fruit.

For those not familiar with the LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) the concept is a flexible, inexpensive vessel to operate that is intended to patrol coastal areas, perform ASW, ASUW, mine hunting as well as combat asymmetrical threats such as small craft born raiders and terrorists. The flexibility for the various missions is to be accomplished by changing out mission modules preparing the ship for whatever its next assignment is.

Note that there is no discussion as to how they are to accomplish this outside of a shipyard e.g. no tender ships for forward deployment.

This ship would not be intended to deploy as part of a Task Force in the deep oceans but to patrol close to shores.

This reminds me of an anecdote from the Falklands War where a Royal Marine squad is reported to have spotted and sunk a Argentine patrol vessel with an anti-tank weapon. This is to leave out the availability of truck mounted ASM (anti-shipping missiles) which could be positioned along any coast to take out the LCS, a threat for which the LCS is not well equipped to handle as it has no native air defense other than its 57mm gun.

Essentially the United States Navy has bought itself a smaller, less effective frigate than the Oliver Hazard Perry class of guided missile frigates. At least the Perry class included native anti-air as well as ASW capability.

While this vessel would be useful as a militarized Coast Guard vessel patrolling our shores it would not assist with power projection and protection of the Sea Lanes of Communication, traditional U.S. Navy missions.

I find one issue with the design; the use of aluminum. While aluminum is lightweight and particularly strong it does not armor a vessel sufficiently. In addition to this once aluminum begins burning it gives off a toxic gas. For those who do not remember this as a disadvantage see the Stark Incident.

CdrSalamander shared some of his insight into the LCS

And here we have an artist's interpretation of the LCS concept:

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Interfaith Violence In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country split between the world's two largest religions, in the North Islam and the South Christianity.

This has been the cause of violence previously as muslims have attempted to impose Sharia upon the nation.

Naturally Christians want a state with secular law not the capricious rulings of Sharia judges.

From Foxnews:

The Maiduguri protests turned violent, and 18 people, most of them Christian, were killed.

Twenty-five more died in similar violence in the northern city of Bauchi, sparking reprisals in Onitsha.

"The Muslims started it when they attacked the Christians due to the cartoon of Muhammad in Denmark. If they cartooned their god, well, they must endure it and not fight," said Christian Ike, a 35-year old motorcycle taxi driver. "We want to be one Nigeria."

Emeka Umeh, who heads leading human rights group Civil Liberties Organization in Anambra state, said at least 80 people were killed in Onitsha — 60 Tuesday and 20 Wednesday.

What the situation boils down to is:

If you act like civilized human beings not rabid animals and there will be no violence. However should you feel the need to kill innocent people over a cartoon or other perceived slight expect a violent retaliation.

Essentially to borrow a quote from Swearingen on Deadwood, "Act civilized even if you ain't".

Hat Tip to You Know Who.

Pope Calls Islam On Peace, Love and Compassion

Apparently the new Pope is losing his patience with Islam.

The recent wave of rioting including the murder of Catholic Priests in Turkey and Nigeria were killed apparently as a reprisal for cartoons of Mohammed run in Dutch newspapers (soon thereafter republished by Danes, Germans and French newspapers).

How one decides to murder somone, even one whom your faith sees as an unbeliever, over a caricature made by someone else is beyond me.

The Vatican Secretary of State was quoted:

"If we tell our people they have no right to offend, we have to tell the others they have no right to destroy us," Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Vatican's Secretary of State (prime minister), told journalists in Rome. "

Another Catholic official was quoted calling for freedom of religion in muslim countries under the guise of reciprocity:
We must always stress our demand for reciprocity in political contacts with authorities in Islamic countries and, even more, in cultural contacts," Foreign Minister Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo told the daily Corriere della Sera.
Apparently even the Catholic churches legendary patience is wearing thin:
"Enough now with this turning the other cheek! It's our duty to protect ourselves," Monsignor Velasio De Paolis, secretary of the Vatican's supreme court, thundered in the daily La Stampa.
It is hard to believe that this series of public statements is not orchestrated or at least informally approved of by the Vatican hierarchy.

I do not believe that this less than subtle warning will work considering it has long been the habit of Islamic countries to jail Christians, Hindus, Budhists, etc for even private worship within their own homes.

Nothing short of the revivification of the Christian Military Orders and direct reciprocal action against those that order and plan the murder of Christians will deter this level of violence.

Rather like
churlish bullies until someone stands up to them and calls them to task they will be engaging in a rampage upon the playground.

Hat Tip the Drudge Report.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Racist Roots Of Gun Control

Our public disservants the ATFE have been demonstrating what is widely known as the racist roots of gun control.

Currently there is an ongoing Congressional Hearing regarding the actions of the ATFE and local law enforcement practices in relation to "residency checks" and verifying purchases (obstensibly to catch straw purchases) in the Richmond, VA and Pittsburgh, PA areas.

The practice is abominable and based upon nothing but race and gender discrimination as evidenced by the selection criteria:

"When I asked them what their criteria was for the people that they collected the 4473s on at the Pittsburgh show, the answer I got back was, 'If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's a duck. That's all we need,'" McComas continued. "Translation: Under 30 and black, period. That's all they were looking for. Anyone who meets those criteria, they're doing a follow-up on."


"Anyone who was a minority, they picked up their 'tail,' if you will, and just followed them through the gun show. When they stopped at a table, the agents would literally stand on one side or the other and watch what they were doing. If they started to purchase a gun [the agents] would ask them why they were buying it, what were they buying it for, what did they need that gun for," McComas related. "It was ridiculous. There was absolutely no reason for it other than the color of their skin."
The methodology used to conduct these "background checks":
Suzanne McComas, a licensed private investigator who has worked with the America's Most Wanted television program, was hired by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to gather information about ATF's Richmond operations. During her investigation, she learned that the agency had been conducting "residency checks" in at least one other U.S. city, but using different and "much more intimidating" tactics.

"At Pittsburgh, the Firearms Task Force there that's also headed by the ATF, instead of doing residency checks immediately, they're collecting the 4473 with the purchaser's address on it, then they go knock at the door about a week later and ask, 'Could we see the gun that you bought?'" McComas explained. "There's absolutely no process involved, there's no reason for them to do it. If you cannot produce the gun, they ask you for the sale paperwork. If you refuse to produce the paperwork they put you under arrest for a 'straw purchase.'"

Federal law requires licensed gun dealers to complete an ATF Form 4473 for each firearm sold through their business, in addition to any forms required by the state, county and/or city where they do business. Private sales between individuals, who are not engaged in the firearms trade as a business, are subject to no such federal recordkeeping requirements. Therefore a gun show purchaser could legally sell or even give the gun they purchased to someone else yet have no paperwork to meet the ATF's demand.
When your public servants actively pursue eliminating through harassment a right enumerated in the Constitution of the United States by harassing those that would excercise this right it is time to take them task.

Should they succeed they would attempt to deny the general populace the excercise of their Second Amendment rights as they did a minority.

Reading on the Racist Roots Of Gun Control

Read The Whole Thing.

Congressional Hearings Link click on the fifteenth.

Enjoy The Video.

Hat Tip:
National Rifle Association

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Al Quaeda Document On Failed Syrian Coup

Al Quaeda apparently tried to destabilize the Syrian government.

Austin Bay has a translation with comments of a document that covers their methods and failures.

From Austin Bay:

On page 11 — the failure of Muslim organizations to instill genuine “hard militancy.” This puts the Cartoon Wars in a new light. Al Qaeda has had ten to fifteen years to “harden” these organizations.

Inability to transform civilian Islamic missionary groups into military organizations capable of resistance and self defense:
This could be the most valuable lesson relating to the Islamic missionary groups in the Arab & Moslem countries. The battle may have erupted unexpectedly; however a large sector of the Moslems (Especially the leaders) knew that it was inevitable, those leaders did not prepare nor plan. Those missionary groups brought their peaceful missionary style and methods to the fight, the sheik failed miserably when he wore the general’s hat. It is astonishing to see and hear leaders of Moslem organizations preaching jihad and claiming that dieing for “Allah” is their ultimate wish, yet they fail for tens of years to instruct religiously and train militarily for that fight, they could not produce documents for emergency (e.g. passports), or save money for tough times. They were unable to mobilize effectively and in a hurry, those organizations were ineffective and eventually collapsed.

It is obvious to me why their is not a hardened militancy in Western Europe's muslims. Those that have assimilated and particpate in the economic community as a net positive asset and coexist with the host countries culture are successful and see no need for change.

Those individuals who have immigrated and not assimilated are dependent on government handouts and financial aid.

Turning their host countries into another middle eastern kleptocracy would eliminate their benefactor.

Specifically those protestors want enough violence to intimidate the government and social structure into providing more benefits without pushing them to the point of open war.

Read The WholeThing.

Stupid Cop Tricks Special Edition

Here is what appears to be a clear example of police harassment.

Under the cover of an alcohol compliance inspection to avoid using a search warrant 70-90 officers tear apart a pool hall looking for drugs.

That is right, no search warrant.

Judge probably would not authorize one so they tried to find a convenient excuse to excercise their vendetta.

Here is a description of the family that operates the pool hall from the agitator:

Prior to the raid, Rack n' Roll Billiards had a spotless, 18-year record with ABC. David Ruttenberg has no criminal record, nor does his father Neil, who's a partner in the club. David's brother, and Neil's son, is the incoming president of the Fairfax Bar Association. Neil says he had a top-secret security clearance with the U.S. government up until 2000. He has a JD from Columbia, and has been practicing law for 40 years. His daughter is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy reserves, and served in both Gulf Wars. This isn't a shady family. It's difficult to see what reason police would have had to target David Ruttenberg or the bar he runs in a drug raid.
Obviously prime crime lord material.

The result of their no search warrant raid; three patrons arrested on drug charges, all of whom worked directly or indirectly for the police department who conducted the raid.

Read The Whole Thing and Enjoy The Video

U.A.E. Based Company to Manage East Coast Ports

The Bush administration just gave their blessing to a U.A.E. based companies purchase of the former U.K. company that managed the majority of our east coast ports.

Considering the difficulty we have had of late with terrorism originating in that part of the world this seems to me a very poor decision.

Adding confirmation to this concern is the fact that former president Jimmy Carter has endorsed the idea.

That's right our biggest failure of a president, a man who sorely misjudged his own people, betrayed his own military and now gallavants around the world molly-coddling terrorists and despots thinks an arab company running our ports is a good idea.

Jimmy Carter's endorsement being the kiss of death for any plan, President Bush has no choice but to make this issue go away.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Reversing The Trend: Military Contractor Sells To Civilians

There has been a trend to limit the introduction of new military small arms design to the public.

Whether it be the ban on selling surplus U.S. weapons to the American public by President W.J. "Slick Willy" Clinton or President H.W. Bush (POTUS #41) banning importation of new assault rifles, this is born out of fear of the lefties and RINO's that the peasants may be able to prevent their socialist utopia from being formed.

This trend was followed by the For Law Enforcement Only trend created by the Assault Weapon Ban of 1994, an abominable infringement upon our rights that has lapsed since it was as abysmal a failure as it was an egregious violation of the second amendment.

Manufacturers like Colt, Fabrique Nationale and Smith and Wesson vied for government contracts by putting restrictions on sales to citizens of their products. Examples are the P90 submachinegun and FN Five-Seven pistol by FN which are not sold to the American Civilians nor is the ammunition commercially available. At the time U.K. based company owned Smith and Wesson followed this trend vying for federal licensed contracts by promising to report all sales information to the government on civilian purchases among other stipulations made.

The only things this has netted for the two companies involved were lost sales dollars for Colt and FN and a total shunning of Smith and Wesson by the firearm buying public leading to their sale for a pittance.

This trend has now changed with Sigarms now offering their 556 rifle, also known as the Sturmgewehr 90, to the American civilian market in semi-automatic configuration.

Notice the adjustable gas system with plug a la the FN FAL and a gas piston like the SKS, AK and FAL, a major improvement over the current gas system of the AR-15/M-16.

An informative posting on the Sigarms 556 is available on the SigForum

As the always outstanding Oleg Volk points out;

I had a chance to fire numerous modern weapons side by side. Among them were HK MP5 and G36C, FN P90 and an M16A2. Of these guns, only one, the M16 (in AR15 guise), has wide distribution among civilian users. Along with the MP5, it shares a long history of gradual refinements to the original design. P90 and the G36, on the other hand, have been in use only by police and military entities, and almost no civilian distribution. This difference may have accounted for the unexpected observations I made during the shoot.

M16 and MP5 were both extensively fired that day. We experienced zero malfunctions of any kind. None of the users ran into problems with sharp or slippery controls, excessive heat build-up, safety manipulations or anything else noteworthy. The guns felt like mature, refined designs. M16 worked the best, and the many civilian-inspired refinements added up to a very comfortable experience. The MP5 still had the infamous HK safety lever and a couple of sharp edges by the charging lever, but worked smoothly overall.

The G36, the vaunted improvement on the M16, came off poorly on many counts. For one, it failed to extract or eject half-dozen times. The small charging handle hidden below the optics rail proved hard to grab when malfunction clearing was needed. The lack of any heat shields within the forend made holding the rifle uncomfortable. The folding stock proved too long for most users
The M-16 was initially adopted only after the civilian market was purchasing the AR-15. This weapon has had a now forty year history with en masse procurement by the U.S. and refintement as well as spawning an entire marketplace for accessories.

This exposure to a vast customer base has allowed the weapons to be improved in both form and function. Noting this even FN has begun to release their ridiculous P90 as a civlian legal carbine.This would have solved deficiencies as noted which FN after ten years has not deemed fit to or not noted the need for;

In use, however, P90S showed some surprising and unnecessary deficiencies.
First and foremost, the weapon is not safe to operate because of the forward grip design. The back of the support hand touches on the trigger finger and actually presses on it if gloves are worn. That can become a contributing factor to accidental discharges, especially when the user moves over rough terrain or stairs.

Pictured above is the carbine length model, the full auto model used in the referenced test had a barrel that was far shorter.

Note as a carryover that the ammunition for it, the LEO only 5.7x28mm, is still shipped from a restricted warehouse.

All 5.7 x 28 mm restricted ammunition (armor piercing) is sold only to law enforcement and military agencies. This ammunition is only released and shipped from a U.S. Customs controlled bonded warehouse (CBW) upon BATFE and U.S. Customs approval.
Nice trick that. Selling the weapon in a U.S. citizen legal configuration per the BATFE but continuing restriction of the ammunition sales.

That weapons manufacturers are seeing the need for civilian acceptance of their weapons system as feedback and procurement leverage and our politicians are keeping away from the failed policies of gun control is a welcome reverse to the trend from the eighties and nineties.

We should maintain our vigilance in defending our freedom but I for one see progress.

The Welfare State and Rewarding Bullies

Dr. Helen has a post regarding the Nanny States in Europe's welfare systems rewarding recent immigrants with access to monthly income stipends and health care.

That there is a safety net designed to prevent hardship from being experienced when individuals are at risk e.g. have lost their job and have no health care for their children or themselves, food stamps or equivalent to prevent children from being hungry is an admirable thing.

That this safety net is abused by long term welfare recipients which immigrated for the sole reason of acquiring these benefits without working is vile.

It has long been documented that in Scandinavian countries that many immigrate simply for the welfare benefits, most notably on family reunitement visas.

Ekhaugen researched the amount of welfare payments received: i.e. social assistance, unemployment benefits, disability pension, sickness benefits and rehabilitation benefits. The payments had to be received during at least one month per year, with the exception of sickness benefits, which were not counted for periods of less than three months to avoid defining too large a group as welfare participants.

If labour force participation is taken as a measurement for immigration success Ekhaugen’s research contradicts the often heard assertion that Norway’s labour market depends increasingly on immigrants. The study indicates quite the reverse. Moreover the situation has dramatically worsened during the past two decades. If the present evolution continues immigration will increase the pressure on the welfare state rather than relieving it because many immigrants do not join the tax-paying part of the population. Nevertheless, a distinction must be made between the different types of immigrants:
“Refugee immigrants do show signs of assimilating out of welfare, but the decrease is small […] The average non-western, non-refugee immigrant, most likely arriving on family reunification, assimilates into welfare […] We also see certain signs of assimilation into welfare among the western immigrants, but the claimant probability is notable lower throughout than is the case for the other groups.”
This statement is startling enough however when accompanied by the statistics is horrifying to anyone who has a job to feed their family and pays their taxes:

Ekhaugen’s study shows that after 17 years in Norway refugees become less welfare dependent than non-western immigrants. 50% of the non-western immigrants who settled in Norway in the period from 1966 to 1975 were welfare dependent 25 years later. 60% of the group of refugees who arrived between 1992 and 1996 were still receiving welfare benefits 5 years later, while this was only the case for 36% of the non-western immigrants and 18% of the immigrants from western countries. After 8 years 55% of the fugitives was still receiving welfare subsidies. Of the foreigners who arrived between 1966 and 1985 40% was getting welfare payments after 20 years. For native Norwegians the figure is 27%, but because this group is on average older the difference with the immigrants is even greater than the figures indicate.
It is not too late for the Norwegians to follow the lead of the Netherlands and Denmark in limiting access to their welfare system and deporting those who are not contributing to the economic well being of their host nation.

Judging from Norway's recent capitulation to the purported outrage of muslims regarding the cartoons of Mohammed recently published by the Dutch, and republished by Danish, French and German newpapers, their asserting their native culture's sovereignty and forcing immigrants to actively participate as a net positive asset to the economy and community are nil.

Further on this point as surprising to those of us that work hard, many of the people who are involved in the welfare system feel entitled to recieving it as their due, frequently resorting to bullying tactics and violence against social workers.

Dr. Helen points out how she dealt with these individuals:

I learned to talk in a big booming voice that commanded authority and never swayed from speaking in an objective manner-of-fact tone. Once the potentially violent client saw that I was not intimidated by threats or strong language, they often settled down and cooperated. Too bad European countries haven't learned this lesson--appeasement of violence doesn't work.
This is something that I learned on the playground as a child; if you stand up to a bully they will go find others for their sadistic games. You may have a fight on your hands once but thereafter, when or lose, you will be off their list of targets.

It is time to give a quick kick to the fundament to those that want to suckle at the government teat without returning any work in exchange. Whether these be immigrants whose sole purpose in arriving in their new host country's is to milk the welfare system or home grown lazy bastards, they should be forced to get jobs.

Much as we sympathized with the Katrina victims, even the overly generous with our tax dollars U.S. welfare system has forced them out of government paid housing after six months.

Perhaps this could be a lesson for Europe, benevolence and charity yes but not lifelong support?

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Happy Parental Moments

While I do not post about family on this blog I will make one exception today for there are signs in life when you realize your parenting has been successful.

When your offspring gets their first tax refund and states, "Those bastards gave my money back"

Another is when their request for their 21st birthday is a handgun.

I think I have something in my eye.

Damn allergies.

Signs That God Does Not Smile Upon Your Endeavours

Fred Fry International blog has a post on signs that allah/god is not on your side

Pretty amusing.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Danish Spirit

One Dane has written an excellent article referring to the often violent and disproportionate response to the caricatures of Mohammed ran by a newspaper four months ago.

His speech is direct and unapologetic.

Read the Whole Thing.

Recently these cartoons were ran again in various countries as an affirmation of Free Speech.

Unfortunately the one country which should speak the loudest on free speech, the United States of America, has not supported the Danes. Rather the U.S. State Department spoke of using restraint and not to antagonize.

Our own news agencies the vaunted American media who frequently proclaim their support of the first amendment are afraid to publish the caricatures.

This is exactly the opposite of the founding father's intention. We should especially protect and support free speech that offends others.

Friday, February 10, 2006

France Upguns Nuke Capability

News reports indicate that France has increased the range of their nuclear strike capabilty.

Thursday Jacques Chirac, President of France, announced that France's Ultimate Threat has been upgraded so they have greater range.

This seems to be about two years ahead of a scheduled upgrade to later missiles for France's SLBM fleet.

This range upgrade by way of reducing the number of MIRV's, if mathcing the planned range of 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers for 2008, would provide more than sufficient strike distance to hit targets anywhere in Europe, the Middle East and most of Asia.

France much like the United States, Russia (The former Soviet Union), China and the United Kingdom have maintained a constant deployment of SSBN's to ward off any threat.

What is more striking, pardon the pun, than the upgrade in capability is the accompanying statement:

"The ultimate warning restores the principle of dissuasion," the military source told Libération. The president is not talking about a choice between an apocalypse or nothing at all."

The paper says according to its information "ultimate warning" could take two new forms.

The most demonstrative would be to fire a relatively weak warhead into a deserted zone far from centres of power and habitation. The more radical option would be to explode a bomb at an extremely high altitude with the aim of creating a brief but enormously strong electromagnetic field which would disable or destroy all non-protected electronic systems in the area.

That this statement is being made after the recent unpleasantness in France and repeated warning to Iran that France would strike unilaterally fleshes out my personal belief that Iran has been acting to destabilize the French government through its immigrant proxies in France.

France is essentially saying back off or we will turn out the lights, returning your country to the eighth century anno domini.

Perhaps the historically strong gallic spirit of independence is awakening from its near hundred year slumber during the reign of socialism and its attendant crushing malaise.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Safely Handling Your Glock

Alphecca has a great post on firearms safety keyed on the exceedingly popular Glock series of pistols.

Read The Whole Thing.

Stupid Cop Tricks VI

It’s time for another exciting episode of Stupid Cop Tricks.

We start with one of the West’s most lawless towns, Tombstone,, or so it was until the Earp’s came to town. Apparently the worst of the old days have resurfaced as police officers are trading sexual favors for police protection, drinking on duty, a filing cabinet full of sex toys (makes you wonder what they really use the handcuffs for) and turning over six marshals in three years.

That’s right the same town that fought to be excluded from Arizona’s laws on Concealed Carry for law abiding citizens is apparently far busier with their vices than protecting the public and enforcing the law.

To further instill confidence that the police are the only ones who should have firearms; two Baltimore officers apparently well into their cups pick a fight with teenagers and are charged with misdemeanors. There is nothing like bullying kids and starting a fight to make you feel like a real man.

A brave new insight into crime prevention comes from the police chief in Jersey City. When they received a call to help a local restaurant which had a shooting in the parking lot the police chief’s response was to make the establishment close early. That’s a brilliant idea, if no one was out, working and earning a living the thieves would have no one to rob! !

This week’s piece de resistance comes from the socialist paradise of Illinois where Mayor Daley and Governor Blagojevich are seemingly attempting to outdo each other in a race to make the streets safe for thugs, rapists and murderers by disarming the law abiding.

While the Mayor and Governor are pushing legislation that will drive out $300 million dollars from the Illinois economy by forcing relocation of all firearms manufacturer’s in Illinois ten police chiefs have come to the aid of State troopers caught illegally possessing machine guns.

That’s right the laws that apply to you and me apparently should not apply to State Troopers in Illinois. A letter was sent to the U.S. District Attorney handling the case signed by ten police chiefs asking that the punishment for the officers involved be handled administratively by the State Police.

They might as well as for permission to let their mommies give them a time out for violation of federal law which would send any of us to prison for ten years.

Hat Tips to Alphecca, Keep and Bear Arms and Of Arms and The Law

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Money Pit: ATFE edition

Of Ams and The Law has an excellent post about how those civil diservants at the ATFE are spending your tax dollars.

The new headquarters of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the District is at least $19 million over budget at a time when the agency is considering sharp cuts in the number of new cars, bulletproof vests and other basics it provides agents.


Truscott planned to purchase, among other things, nearly $300,000 in extras for the new director's suite, including a $65,000 conference table and more than $100,000 for hardwood floors, custom trim and other items,....

Note: emphasis added.

The ATFE director even has his own five man security detail.

What merry bunch of jackholes is in charge of this mental abortion?

Chick Fight!

Apparently John McCain, media whore and Republican In Name Only, is shocked and angered that Barack Obama, junior senator from Illinois, was disingenuous in his claims to support bipartisan reform regarding lobbying.

This should not be much of a surprise as Obama has not had as much time to graft his way to prosperity as other Senators have and does not want to miss his time at the trough.

And just for fun here is Ted Kennedy trying to name his colleage from Illinois Barack "Osama" Obama. Link to Enjoy this priceless Kennedy family moment is halfway down the page.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Amazing Tenor: Enrico Caruso

Enrico Caruso was a phenomenon in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century.

His amazing voice was among the first heard throughout the world on commercial recordings in the form of 78rpm records.

Indeed he was the first to sell a million records and unlike today's overhyped pop stars he did so in 1902 without the saturation of today's mass media.

He had a repertoire of 500 songs. In and of itself an amazing achievement.

While Enrico Caruso was a star of the Opera he did not shun popular works, among these the folk songs of his native Italy and many popular American tunes such as Over There.

While I enjoy Opera and the popular works of the Three Tenors (Luciano Pavoratti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras)I am always drawn back to the first superstar Enrico Caruso.

Matiyashu: Hasidic Hip Hop

Someone quite close to me recently attended a concert by Matiyashu the Hasidic Jew Hip Hop/Reggae star.

While not one to normally enjoy Reggae let alone Hip Hop I found Matiyashu's music compelling.

Rather than a life pursuing bling, ho's and and getting high the subject of his music is that life without faith leaves one empty with a void that must be filled.

While I disagree with Matityashu on the question of whether or not The Messiah has come his music speaks to the man of faith in me.

I found particularly moving his songs Exaltation and Lord Raise Me Up from the Live At Stubbs album.

The Hyprocrisy Of Cultural Sensitivity

As we have observed lately there is a great deal of focus on the demonstrations made by the Danish press by publishing cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed.

Granted this is incredibly hypocritical of the islamic world to get bent out of shape over since they publish pathetically evil characterizations of Western Nations, particular the United States aka "The Great Satan" and Isreal incessantly.

Notably the American press, great ones to laud their freedom of expression have been silent in this high visibility squabble.

There are a number of excellent articles pointing out this discrepancy.

Michelle Malkin has a round up
Mark Steyn's Op-Ed puts it most succinctly:

Thus, NBC is celebrating Easter this year with a special edition of the gay sitcom "Will & Grace," in which a Christian conservative cooking-show host, played by the popular singing slattern Britney Spears, offers seasonal recipes -- "Cruci-fixin's." On the other hand, the same network, in its coverage of the global riots over the Danish cartoons, has declined to show any of the offending artwork out of "respect" for the Muslim faith.

Which means out of respect for their ability to locate the executive vice president's home in the suburbs and firebomb his garage.

More here from Jeff Jacoby , David Warren and Austin Bay.

I suggest reading it all.

Hat Tip to Instapundit.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gun Control Success In Massachusets

Massachusets is one of the states with repeated calls for more gun control.

Currently there are varying types of firearms licenses issued based upon a subjective background check performed by the local police state representatives.

They will decide what type of firearms you are allowed to purchase.

Naturally as Massachusets has increased gun control to the ridculous their crime rates have shot through the roof.

Now the state which legalized gay marriage has had a murderous rampage at a gay bar by a self proclaimed eighteen year old Nazi.

Naturally the chekists in the state of Massachusets were unable to find the murderous bastard and it took the Arkansas State troopers (Highway Patrol or State Police I cannot remember which they are) to stop them.

That is correct, no doubt, the despised Southernors who the East coat elite feel so superior to were able to locate and stop Massachusets home bred Nazi.

Here we see the continuation of a trend; the states with the highest gun control also have the spree killings.

Example California's postal shooting this week where six were killed.

Apparently being in a state and place (bar) where the politicians feel you should be disarmed is makes it far more likely to die in a mass killing.

I look at these a microcosm of what police states have done to their own citizens over the last one hundred years; the Soviet Union killed more than 20 million of their own subjects, Nazi Germany killed 12 million, the People's Republic of China killed 60 million, etc.

What will it take for the citizens of states like Massachusets and California to wake up and demand their human right to self defense not be infringed?

mAssBackwards has a great post on the worker's paradise of Taxachusets and this killer.

Gun Free Zones

Friday, February 03, 2006

Gun Free Zones

There are those among our lawmakers who still believe disarming everyone in a given area will make them safe.

This has happened at our schools where "zero tolerance policies" where having your deer rifle or sporting shotgun in your truck or car can lead to your expulsion. This however leads to our children being vulnerable to anyone who wishes to perpetrate a murderous rampage.

There are even instances of school shootings where those seeking to stop a rampage are forced to leave the site of the shootings to retreive a weapon from their vehicle since they are not allowed to park on campus.

This ridiculous policy has brought about another disaster.

In this instance a woman returned to the work place she was removed from two years earlier, to exact her revenge.

That is correct was the proverbial "going postal".

This time a 44 year old woman with her 9mm pistol killed six people and later herself.

She entered the facilities fenced in with barbwire parking lot by simply following closely to another car.

To enter the building she simply held an employee at gunpoint and acquired their badge.

Safety of the gun free workplace at work; anyone with a minimum of motivation can make it in and do as they will.

Apparently the "phychologically disturbed woman" had the presence of mind to reload and continue her spree.

Had there been someone armed in the building they would have been able to stop her or at least provide more time for their co-workers to escape.

Rather than the woman being stopped she murdered six people and later killed herself, thought to be a record for a female spree killer.

Many government buildings, state, local and federal, have had these regulations to disarm citizens for a number of years.

Now we are seeing these regulations springing up at private businesses. Notably Connoco Phillips at an Oklahoma plant ran a "random" search for firearms on the first day of deer season. Those whose vehicles in the company parking lot were found to have firearms were dismissed.

Oklahoma later passed a state law forbidding companies from firing employees who have firearms in their vehicles.

While I previously had a gas card from this company I have terminated it.

Murderous rampages do not occur at shooting ranges, gun stores or anywhere the populace is armed. Rather they occur where the potential victims are unarmed and helpless to do anything but flee for their lives.

As usual victim disarmament does nothing but make the oppressors job easier. Whether you were a subject of the Soviet Union fearful of the Chekists hauling you off in the middle of the night or an employee at a large corporation with a "no firearms on property policy" you are at the mercy of those with a malevolent purpose.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Firearms Used By The Mythical James Bond

While the current Bond may be a firearm hating Nancy Boy, previously the Bond franchise from books to movies has featured many different firearms.

Typically when someone thinks of Bond, James Bond, they see in their mind a suave man armed with his wits and a Walter PPK.

Despite this image there were many firearms used by James Bond.

Among them a pocket sized Beretta 418

Other automatics included the Beretta M1935 and the venerable Colt 1911.

Other firearms used by the infamous spy with a license to kill include revolvers such as the Colt Police Positive.

Another Colt revolver used was the famous Colt Detective Special the recognizable veteran of many 1960’s cop shows.

When the series of books was continued after the original author passed away other firearms besides the beloved PPK were used.

One of these the ASP a modified Smith & Wesson 9x19mm semi automatic pistol.

Replacing the .32acp (7.65mm) PPK the most recent Bond films have displayed a Walter P99.

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Immigration Enforcement News

Polipundit has its usual outstanding run down on ICE and our Judiciary's renewed focus on expelling criminal aliens.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Brokeback Bond?

Apparently the new Bond film, a remake of Casino Royale, has begun filming without the formula being complete; they have neither the proverbial Bond girl nor a villain.

Considering the Nancy Boy-Guns-Scare-Me attitude of the new actor playing James Bond this is not much of a surprise.

Should they have decided to make a "Brokeback Bond" movie at least they could have picked a tough gay guy to play Bond.

Previous post on Nancy-Boy Bond; New James Bond Actor Hates Firearms.

Please note the Nancy Boy reference is the second meaning as listed in dictionary.com that of effeminate man and is not a reference to male homosexuals.

Update 2/2/2006:
Director of Bond film Die Another Day arrested for soliciting a prostitute while dressed in drag.