Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weapons of Battlestar Galactica

Having recently viewed numerous episodes of Battlestar Galactica I noted a strange discrepancy in their firearms choices. The Colonial forces are armed with carbines( Beretta Cx4 Storm) ,

submachine guns like HK's UMP and the (Ruger MP9)

and pistols (FN FiveSeven and Mateba). While sufficient to bring down a human being at close quarters these weapons are not adequate for bringing down the armored monsters with twin auto cannons on their appendages.

Now some may point out that there would be amazing advances in ammunition in the future such that these lighter projectiles would be able to penetrate and bring these creatures down much like the move from black powder rifles using .45 to .58 caliber rounds to .30 nitrocellulose rounds. However we are not seeing that, the small arms employed in the series are largely ineffective against the "toasters".

You would think a more effective "can opener" would have been employed by this point. Technologies like SADARMs deployed from disposable mortars or other heavy weapons would be deployed.

The closesy to a Heavy Weapon seen that I am aware of are Streetsweeper shotgun used as a grenade launcher and a 40mm H-K grenade launcher.

The Russian 43mm single shot grenade launcher was added to demonstrate ammunition size in relation to weapon for the grenade launchers. This weapon has not been seen on BSG that I am aware of.

They would be better off with small multiple shot man portable rocket launchers and multiple shot grenade launchers like the MGL-140 made in South Africa

than carbines and subguns. Notably the FN 2000
and OICW weapons systems and their multiple round capacity for 20mm grenades would be far closer to what the threat level demands. Of course a simple RPG like weapon or rifle grenade setup would take less suspension of disbelief.

Of course on board a ship for repelling boarders you would need to extraordinarily careful not to puncture the people tank and let the air out as you defended yourselves.

There is also a lack of medium infantry support weapons like the General Purpose Machine Gun which can lay down fire while the group may maneuver or assist in holding a position.

Now that I have off my chest I would like to point out the exceptionally poor weapon handling on this show.

From pointing weapons at each other with their fingers inside the trigger guard to blindly spraying rounds when there are only a handful of large targets coming straight towards them, those directing the scenes involving firearms never fail to display their ignorance or disregard for safe and effective weapon handling.


t3rrible said...

You are not kidding. My wife gets mad at me I point out bad gun acting all hte time. I cannot remember a show that actually showed it right, not even the "cop" shows.

roninaz said...

Luckily my wife is now at the point where she sees a firearms that's appealing and says, "Momma wants".

Just today while watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith, she noted the HK UMP with reflex sight and said, "Momma wants".

I felt the same way when checking out the HK (or was it Benelli?) shotgun and .45acp in use.

So hang in there and soon she will be on that level with you when you see a new firearm for your Post NFA wish list.