Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks V

Picking up where the last entry on Stupid Cop Tricks left off we have an office who did wait for the proverbial quid pro quo for a female likely DUI suspect.

Leaving aside the woman knew exactly what was expected in this situation and claiming “rape” thereafter is as low as this oxygen thief of an officer accepting sexual favors as a bribe, we expect better conduct and forethought in our public officials than one would expect from a drunken thirteen year old.

An officer rather than trying to catch those involved in a drive by performs one his own drunken version.

From Good Ol’ Mizzou we have a Columbia, Mo. Police officer on trial for stalking his ex-girlfriend.

From across the pond we see the U.K.’s Navy has lost another firearm. Its not too bad really since it is an SA80 it is unlikely to pose a threat to anyone unless employed as a clumsy bludgeon or dropped on their toe. This is almost as good as the convicted felon (assault, rape, etc) in the U.K. being left in charge of an armory.

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