Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of The Union

The POTUS today gave his consitutionally mandated State of the Union address.

A kindness was paid to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King whose wife Coretta passed away today in the opening comments of the address.

The message early in the speech was, " do not weasel out now cowardly bastages".

Following this was the usual rhetoric regarding social security's looming insolvency, medical care new energy sources and removing our dependence on oil.

Like Ronald Regan, President Bush asked his fellow Americans to be positive about the future and look forward to it.

The In Your Face moment came when President Bush introduced his two new Supreme Court Justices, Alito and Roberts.

The sanctity of life was referenced.

On a bright note comments were directed at those who have suffered recently from natural disasters and how, though left out of the prosperity of the nation by their encouraged serfdom to the Democrartic party's machine politics, he told them to have hope, work hard and they too can succeed.

The President's biggest drop of the ball was on the issue of immigration.

While I am a supporter of immigration I want those coming to the United States of America to become Americans. To embrace the American dream and ideals which have made this the greatest country on Earth.

It is disappointing to see a President from a border state now acknowledge that Illegal Immigration is a drain on the local economy.

What I want to see is a guest worker program, with no direct link to becoming citizens, that requires a return to the country of origin upon completion and no access to welfare.

Rather than encouraging those to immigrate to the U.S. to exploit our welfare system I want to attract those who are here to succeed through their hard work and ingenuity.

All in all an upbeat works-man-like delivery of a message of optimism.

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