Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stakes On Southern Border Rise

Apparently those to be impacted most by increased border enforcement and potential physical barriers between the USA and our Southern neighbor Mexico are protesting these moves; they have begun shooting at Border Patrol agents.

In the Arizona sector acts of violence against Border Patrol agents are up 50% during the same period for the previous year
. This is no doubt mirrored by larger degrees of violence against the citizens of our border communities.

The drug traffickers and coyotes, both of whom make a living from the suffering of others, are raising the stakes.

Apparently these fools do not believe we have the will to do something about it. Perhaps they should recall what happened to Pancho Villa.

I would politely suggest everyone in Mexico think of Black Jack Pershing.

For those without the patience to follow up on the tale of an opportunistic bandit leader Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa was angered by the U.S.’s support of a more amenable bandit leader revolutionary.

To demonstrate his anger he raided the U.S. town of Columbus, New Mexico with 1500 (some say 500) of his men.

The U.S. Army detachment stationed there and local citizens killed half of Villa’s men in return for eighteen dead (Apparently Villa didn’t want to break the trend on Mexican military prowess exhibited during the Mexican American War).

In retaliation then President Woodrow Wilson sent Black Jack Pershing after Villa and his men. Pancho Villa successfully eluded Gen. “Black Jack” Pershing, however his days of influence were over which one would call a successful “mission kill” if not actual success.

That’s right after we killed half his men we went hunting for him.

For a more recent example of what happens when someone makes us angry confer with Mullah Omar of Afghanistan (should you be able to find him without an Ouija board). In his case we went half way around the world to kill those who supported our enemy. We destroyed his regime, killed his fighters and worst of all liberated the people who lived in fear of his capricious theocracy. Mexico might want to remember how conveniently located they are to large numbers of U.S. troops.

I suggest all the petty bandits, thieves, drug traffickers and “coyotes” on our Southern border take note before we take measures to fully demonstrate the meaning of U.S. military prowess.

Hat tip to Espresso Pundit.

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