Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rape In Sweden Up 30%

Viking Observer has an article on the thirty percent increase in rape seen in Sweden over the last year.

Things are getting worse, however: rape statistics in Sweden have jumped 30%
between 2004 and 2005 (source:
Svenska Dagbladet, my translation):The increase cannot be all explained by the new sex-crime law and an increased tendency to report rapes to the police. In total, the number of reported rapes and rape attempts nationally increased by over 30%
last year compared to 2004, a comparison that TT has made between the local
police´s preliminary statistics shows.

The number of reported rapes only decreased in a few län (regions - Henrik).The police´s statistics are just now being quality-proofed by the Crime Prevention Council, that is expected to publicize an overview of them. The numbers might thus be adjusted somewhat. But
even the half-year statistics for 2005 show a large increase. The percentage-wise increase
was the highest in Hallands and Jönköping län.

With the new sex crime law, more crimes are put in the rape category. That has thus
produced some change after April 1st. But the stricter law cannot explain the
entire jump, says Lotta Nilsson, analyst at the Crime Prevention Council, when
she delivers a statement to TT about the increased number of reported rapes in

In an earlier post, I reported how rapists in Sweden are four times more likely to be foreigners compared to Swedes, and how immigrants from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya dominate the group.

I have reported before on the epidemic of rape spreading across many nations whose multiculturalist view of immigration failed to assimilate them into the national historic and cultural view.

Should sufficient force be brought to bear to present immigrants with the message Assmilate or Leave Now e.g. deporting the perpetual welfare cases, deporting anyone charged with a misdemeanor while in the immigration process, forcing the immigrants to work, etc, you will see a turn around in these numbers.

Equally as important as the societal level of influence is the local one where individuals just do not take any abuse from those they have welcomed into their countries as recently seen in Australia.

Its time that every nation went to work on removing the malignant elements from their society which influence the majority of the immigrant communities.

Once it is observed that those inciting unreset, riot, criminal behavior and disregard for their host nation lose their welfare benefits are arrested, deported and otherwise marginalized the majority of the community will be able to assert their willigness to work and coexist within the national culture have immigrated to join.


Of course the simplest answer to the problems created by violent criminals to simply remove them from the gene pool.

As more states within the U.S.A. recognize the right to Self Defense and allow for concealed carry of firearms by law abiding citizens, Western nations need to recognize that the Right to Self Defense is a Human Right.

Once a woman can apply 125 grains of rape prevention the numbers of those who will commit such a heinous will drop dramatically.

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