Sunday, January 22, 2006

History Repeated

The United States Navy has a long tradition of defeating pirates.

I am not referring to the romanticized English pirates who fought a "cold war" against Spain like Sir Richard Francis Drake but to the subhuman vermin who capture shipping, enslave crew and passengers of captured vessels and destroy lawful commerce.

Whether you are referring the Barbary Pirates or modern day piratical elements operating in the Pacific Rim or the coasts of western Africa, the United States Navy does its part to remove these oxygen thieves from the gene pool.

This is eloquently supported by a report from a report by In The Breach.

The name sake for the great American, Winston Churchill, who lead Great Britain in its greatest time of peril, leads the way to eliminating this threat.

A fine salute to a great American.

Should sailors of the Winston Churchill find themselves in my desert you can call upon me for a ration of Grog.

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