Friday, January 06, 2006

Great Things From Poland

In an on going series of posts where I point out the great products of countries which have thrown off the shackles of despot, I know want to bring to everyone's attention the products of the freedom loving people of Poland.

Over the history of Europe Poland has been added, removed and readded to political maps.

What has been lost over the years is that the Poles are a freedom loving people who have fought bravely and effectivelyto keep Poland alive.

Whether you look at the efforts of Solidarity and the late Pontiff John Paul II to make Poland free or you look to the feared winged Hussars, the Poles have put their lives on the line to live up to their dreams of freedom.

As those who have spent any time touching base on this blog know, I enjoy a good beer. While not known for its beersPoland can brew with the rest of the world's renowned breweries.

Case in point Browar Namystow's Beer N Full, a beer with a taste between Czech pilsner and a German Kolsch. Those that enjoy Pilsner Urquell would enjoy this beer.

Poland makes great vodka as well as fine beer as you'll note should you tast Wyborowa vodka.

Poland also makes some fine firearms.From the famed Vis 35 to their AK-47 type rifles, the Poles have a tradition of fine weapon making.

Please join me in supporting the love of freedom as I do; by purchasing the fruits of their labor.

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