Monday, January 23, 2006

The Good Far Outnumber The Bad

The reports are coming in from Iraq that the average citizen is turning against the terrorists themselves rather than idly standing by.

Not out of love for the U.S. or what we stand for but more likely they are tired of their families being attacked relentlessly by suicide bombers.

This is in stark contrast to the nutjobs among them notably Muqtada al Sadr and his ilk who has come out backing Iran in its confrontation with the West and its own neighbors.

As I have oft noted in life 95% of people in any area or among any group are good, solid citizens. The other five percent make the news due to their heinous acts.

Whether this be rednecks dragging a man to death in Texas, the sinister acts of a serial killer like Ted Bundy or the type of person who would bomb a wedding reception the twisted exist among every group, only their purported motivation differs.

Its up to us to remember the average citizen is not represented by the"splody-dopes" and the blood thirsty nihilists.

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mynewsbot said...

I hope good Muslims what these fanatics are upto .. that just might happen some day