Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Epidemic of Rape in Western Countries

The Liberty Belles site has an article referencing the epidemic of rape oppressing women in Western countries.

This is the direct result of unassimilated immigration where those from Southwestern Asian countries whose thinly veiled theocratic governments and religious institutions promote violence against women who are deemed unchaste e.g. are not wearing a burkha.

This is what sparked Sidney Australia's recent rioting; it wasn't racial hatred but a response to repeated assaults upon their daughters, sisters and mothers that drove Australians to rise up against those terrorizing them.

This is not isolated to Australia but is happening in France, Sweden and other countries throughout the West.

It has gotten to the point that sixteen year old girls in Sweden invented a anti-rape chastity belt to protect themselves.

Those immigrating to the West should think on why they came here. Our liberal traditions (in the eighteenth century tradition of the word) and outlook are what has made the West the envy of the world. Among these traditions is respecting the rule of law and the rights of our fellow citizens.

We can never back down from this nor should anyone immigrating to the West think we will.

Rather I recommend they ponder long and hard on why the West has done so well and why the countries they have left are in the shape they are. Namely the Western culture(s) have flourished while those depending upon rigid subjugation of the human spirit have not.

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