Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Courageous Danes

While we are frequently reminded of how mealy mouthed, arrogant and churlish our mass media is there are those around the world who stand up for Freedom of Expression in the face of great personal danger.

Case in point the Danish newspaper and news media and their running of controversial cartoons with a negative view of Mohammed the great prophet of Islam.

In the most literal way the artists, editors and production crew put their lives on the line to express a negative opinion of Mohammed and Islam, an act which has lead to the death of Theo Van Gogh.

Steadfastly the Danes have told all those who disagree with an opinion expressed, which includes calls of protest from Islamic leaders the world over, that this is what you expect when you live in a free state.

Today I salute their efforts at standing up to nihilistic bullies by asking my readers to enjoy one of the fine products of Denmark soon as a sign of your support.

As with all Americans when I think of Europe I am reminded of their long tradition of fine brewing.

Two notable beers from Denmark are Carlsberg and Elephant.

From my efforts to locate information on Danish firearms production and ownership I can only deduce there is not a strong history of private firearms ownership.

I did find an interesting firearm made in the last century in Denmark, the Madsen submachine gun.

A version was also made under license in Brazil in America's beloved .45acp.

Let us hope the NFA is challenged and struck down by our newly invigorated Supreme Court.

Should that happen I will save room in the rack for a Madsen.

In the meantime I will content myself with enjoyinig Carlsberg beer.


TomZ_Am said...

Thank you.
Your support of our great little country is much appreciated. (but then again, Danes and Americans has always shared the same values (Did you know Denmark is the coubtry America has had unbroken diplomatic relations with the longest. Since 1791))

roninaz said...


Its my duty and pleasure to support nations which struggle against tyrannical elements, whether those be internal or external.

And no I did not know that Denmark was the nation with which the US has had the longest unbroken diplomatic relations.

Would you happen to be able to enlighten me as to firearms ownership rules and regulations in Denmark?

My efforts to find this information were largely unsuccessful.