Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Border Standoff In Texas

An armed force including vehicles, one a Hummvee, with mounted machine guns crossed over into the United States from Mexico.

Two border patrol agents and two Texas DPS officers had to stand by and let the drug smugglers, all in camouflage, escape back into Mexico.

Its time we lent the Border Patrol the assistance of National Guard units trained as a rapid reaction force (RRF) including anti-tank weapon armed helicopters.

All the Border Patrol would have to do is stay hidden and observe and call in the location to the RRF.

Suddenly heavily armed smuggler becomes smoking grease spot.

If they want to escalate to crew served weapons we need to introduce them to what firepower means.

Mr. TOW has not made any new friends since Uday and Qusay. Perhaps its time to let him off the leash around the border.

Video of Hummvee TOW Launch.

Hat tip to Drudge Report.

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