Saturday, December 30, 2006

Men of the Stark Avenged

On May 17, 1987 the USS Stark (FFG-37), a Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate, was struck by two Exocet missiles fired from an Iraqi Mirage F1.

Thirty-seven crewmen were killed and another 21 wounded.

Today they were avenged as Saddam Hussein hanged.

Saddam Hussein's hanging was not for the killing of our 37 sailors but for many of atrocities he had committed against his own people.

Regardless there may be some small measure of closure for the family members and shipmates of those lost.

Fighting Darwinism

Tam over at View From The Porch has an excellent post on the differences between childhoods now and twenty or thirty years ago.

When I was growing up, the best use for a bicycle helmet would have been to prevent head injuries when the neighborhood kids beat the crap out of you for wearing a bicycle helmet. It was a much more savage and lawless time on the playground in those days, and one wonders if our modern predilection for defeating Darwin won't have repercussions on the vitality of the race down the road. In these depressing times I've seen people want to go to emergency rooms for "injuries" that wouldn't have rated a Time Out from a pine cone war when I was a kid. I remember one neighborhood kid who stopped a BB during a territorial dispute back in the day...

She could not be more right.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone and their families.

I hope you will pardon my sloth, however I am going to link last years posts regarding the meaning of the season rather than recreate the wheel.

The Birth of Jesus Christ.

Handel's Messiah

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Better Update My Resume

Well it looks like the world's one despot short right now and I guess I could use a new challenge.

I figure it wouldn't hurt to speak to the folks in Turkemenistan and see what the President for Life job has to offer in compensation, benefits and perks.


Where in the hell is the global warming all Al Gore and the other fucktard eco-freaks have been promising?

Yesterday morning there was frost on my windshield!

While for most in the United States that is no big deal, however I live in a fricking desert.

You know summer temperatures of low hundred teens to low hundred and twenties. This is usually offset by a low of 60 degrees fahrenheit in the winter.

Not so this year.

This has the feel of an encroaching ice age.

Global Warming My Ass.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks: No Knock Nonsense

Apparently two ATFE agents managed to get themselves shot while serving a questionable No Knock warrant.

This is another questionable No Knock warrant in Georgia in a very short period of time.

Its nice to know our public servants are as determined as ever to impregnate the neighbor's canine.

Publicola has the run down.

If Gender Supremacists Had Their Way

Rather than referring to the tired, worn out remnants of the 1960's counter culture movement of "feminists" I think they have moved on to being aspiring Gender Supremacists.

The popular culture trend of reviling or simply casually denigrating masculine images e.g. that of father in a family always being a bungling idiot, is evidence enough.

Of course, likely contrary to their understanding, men's egos aren't so fragile as to be impacted so

Well on to something simple and entertaining; this video at American Drumslinger. Be forewarned; American Drumslinger is NSFW. The video itself is PG but the rest of the site is NSFW.

By way of Countertop Chronicles.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jumpin' Jehosephat!

While perusing a forum I came across this video .

I definitely have to get back in school and acquire more skills. If for no other reason than I can get one of these.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Pinochet Good For Iraq?

Kim Du Toit makes a compelling argument that a strong leader like Augusto Pinochet is needed for Iraq.

A very interesting argument.

Read the whole thing.

Pinochet was a despot, although a comparatively enlightened despot, especially when compared to those in Cuba, Zimbabwe, the former Soviet Union, North Korea, China (any for the last sixty years), etc.

Two things that differentiated him from despots in the countries mentioned:
1) He stepped down voluntarily after a referendum
2) He left his nation with a functioning economy

Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Stupid Cop Tricks

Tomato 7 has another case where the police have raided the home of an unarmed citizen and subsequently killed them.

It is unknown if the Peyton Strickland case is another no knock warrant misadventure of negligence, misconduct or just plain thuggish stupidity on the part of the police.

I will say that this is part of a pattern of behavior of increasing violence and willingness to use force in what is one of safest decades to be an officer in our nation.

It might be safer to be a police officer but it appears to be increasingly dangerous to be an unarmed subject of a police warrant.

Update: The officer who shot Peyton Strickland has been charged with second degree murder.

From the parents of the deceased's statement:

Our son, Peyton, was killed by a SWAT team firing bullets through the front door of his home in Wilmington.

“On Friday, the deputy who shot our son was fired. Today, that deputy was indicted by the Grand Jury for murder.
Shooting through the front door while trying to arrest someone for a PS3 theft?

Before I make comments about justice being served I will wait out whatever legal maneuvering happens. I have seen similarly egregious violations of the law by officers go unpunished too often to think all is well after a mere bringing of charges. Let's see what the trial brings.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Follies of the Sea

Not to be out done by the U.S. Navy's LCS boondoggle, the Coast Guard is having a pooch screw of their own with their Deepwater and Cutter refurbishment programs.

With the failure of the retrofitting program, eight of 49 boats in the service's workhorse fleet of Island-class patrol boats are out of action. Coast Guard leaders reported last year that only 25 percent of the aging cutters were fully "mission capable," because of maintenance problems and deployment of some boats to Iraq. In reports submitted to Congress, the Coast Guard projected that the fleet would be able to log about 80 percent of its targeted 98,200 operational hours a year.

Meanwhile, a Coast Guard plan to fill the gap by accelerating development of its next-generation cutter by 10 years has stalled because of technical problems.

It is generally not considered to be a success when nearly 1 in 5 of your Cutters is down for being unseaworthy.

No word on when the proverbial canines from both services, LCS and Deepwater, drop their litters.

Grateful Hat Tip to Cdr Salamander for the insight into the Little Crappy Ship program.

I would be thankful if you would show your appreciation for my maritime themed posts by voting for Cdr Salamander's blog.

The Virtues of Cold Steel

Apparently the days of charging your enemies with cold steel and a will far star stronger than the implement itself are not gone.

A man used a sword against burglars performing a home invasion.

The wielder of this brand cut off the fingertip of his assailant which was used to identify him.

He grabbed a sword from under the couch, and struck at one of the robbers' guns just as he was about to fire.

Tovar's swipe took off the gunman's right trigger finger, which was left behind when the robbers ran out.

Robbery Det. Michael Rosario and the Crime Scene Investigations unit gathered their bloody evidence off the floor.

The tip was inked and printed, and run through the AFIS (automatic fingerprint identification system), where it touched off a perfect match.

This is not the only recent use of a sword resist strong arm burglaries.

Apparently famed blade maker Angus Trim has a new line of "tactical" swords. Perhaps not a bad idea to have more available than a firearm, which depending on the Condition it was secreted in could not be brought into play as quickly.

Let me say now I do not advocate bringing a knife, even a really big one, to a gun fight.

I personally have admired Angus Trim's work for quite awhile.

This weapon strikes me as able to deliver both the cut and the thrust in a limited area:

Or for a more wide open venue:

Of course a gladius in one hand and a pistol in the other and I would feel better prepared to meet a threat, if for no other reason than my adversary would know the level of my determination to be the victor.

What the modern thuggees imagination would do with the concept of being laid open with edged steel more than a pistol shot does not hurt either.
For more information on the sword see the informative forum at Sword Forum International.

Hat Tip: Of Arms and the Law

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sig 556 Ships

Sig has begun shipping the 556 a reverse of the previous trend encouraged by our government to not sell current technology assault weapons to citizens.

At $1300 this is a very attractive pricepoint only a few hundred dollars more than good quality AR series rifles.

Now where are the competitors?

HK 416

That HK is speaking of uppers available to be mated to current model AR series lowers is very attractive.

Robinson XCR


More competition is always welcome as it improves products coming to market and provides price advantages to the public.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Brokeback Bond Redux

Apparently after grossing less at the box office than the previous actor to play Bond's (Pierce Brosnan) last effort, Daniel Craig is not finished in his attempt to hurt the Bond franchise; He is calling for a gay love scene for James Bond.

Now I could not care less one way or another about who does what with whom provided everyone is a consenting adult, but this is bad marketing.

The size of the gay community is not so large, depending on who you believe about 5% of the U.S. population, that it could support a full scale motion picture with the budget provided for most Bond films.

For the record Daniel Craig is not the first to call for a Gay James Bond; Rupert Everett beat him to it.

That the idea was not acted in the last six years inclines me to believe this will be a path not taken.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

State Right To Arms Provisions

The Volokh Conspiracy has a listing of state Right To Arms provisions dating back to the eighteenth century.


Hat tip to Of Arms and the Law.

Helpful Tip For Surplus Rifles

I used MEK (Methyl ethyl ketone)today to clean off the cosmoline off of a SKS I had bought awhile back.

While it worked wonders to clean the cosmoline off it apparently had a deleterious effect on the finish of the stock where it had touched, nearly bleaching a portion.

So helpful hint to others; Keep the MEK off the wood parts of the surplus rifle you are cleaning up for its first trip to the range.

Now I am thinking of stock replacements.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

More On The Lamentable LCS

Cdr Salamander has more on the lamentable LCS program.

Enjoy it here.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

What Happens When Criminals Do Not Fear

A blogger has a post regarding her sexual assault on public transportation.

Remarkably the advice is just stand there and take it and move away.

Naturally I have taken a different route with the ladies in my household.

I have provided them with the appropriate level of feminine protection.

Unfortunately those in the U.K. cannot adequately arm themselves for self protection; they are not even allowed Mace or Pepper spray.

Not even knives are allowed for self defense within parts of the U.K. moving to regulate those.

All weapons are banned and the one defending themselves is more likely to have the full weight of the law fall upon them than the criminal. Indeed the Crown Prosecution Service restricts people to reasonable levels of force a concept which is subjective at the best of times.

The public interest factors set out immediately above will be especially relevant where, as a matter of undisputed fact, the victim was, at the material time, involved in the commission of a separate offence. Common examples are burglary or theft from motor vehicles. In such cases, prosecutors should ensure that all the surrounding circumstances are taken into consideration in determining whether a prosecution is in the public interest.

Prosecutors should have particular regard to:

  • the nature of the offence being committed by the victim;
  • the degree of excessiveness of the force used by the accused;
  • the extent of the injuries, and the loss or damage, sustained by either or both parties to the incident;
  • whether the accused was making an honest albeit over zealous attempt to uphold the law rather than taking the law into his own hands for the purposes of revenge or retribution.
Do you see that first line?

Here in lies the root of the problem; considering those modern thuggees who prey upon others in the direct commission of a criminal act a victim when those they prey upon turn on them and defend themselves from their attacker.

Things are definitely wrong in the U.K. when one cannot defend themselves and I hope they come to reality before they are overwhelmed by the lawlessness they are encouraging.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stupid Cop Tricks VIII

The police in Atlanta have succeeded in saving the citizens of that city from a 92 year old woman with a handgun.

While supposedly serving a warrant on the home of a 92 year old woman the police came under fire, three of the plain clothes officers being struck before they entered the home and shot the old woman.

That a 92 year old woman who by all reports lived alone was having a search warrant served for drugs is suspicious in and of itself, smacking of bad intelligence and or incompetence in finding the right residence, add to this the fact the officers claim that she initiated hostile fire on them without provocation is beyond belief.

Let's go over a few facts:

1) 92 year old woman,
2) Plainclothes police skulking around property
3) The elderly are often victims of violent crime as they are the proverbial easy prey
4) Older people suffer from infirmities such as hearing loss, poor eyesight, decreased hand eye coordination, etc
5) Three officers were struck by pistolfire by a 92 year old woman; one round was center mass on a bullet proof vest (read cops chest), another was hit in the shoulder, lastly one officer's face was grazed by a round.

For the 92 year old woman to get off three rounds without being hit by return fire is to say the least suspiscious.

That the officers claim to have been outside the residence when this happened is even more questionable. That the three were hit to me sounds like they must have been in an entry way or other choke point which grouped them together e.g. they either did not knock and announce themselves and were caught inside the residence or the knock and announcement was so perfunctory as to not have caught the attention of the home owner.

And how do the officers expect their claim to be heard with a straight face that the woman got off at least three rounds before they shot her?

Did the officers not have their own weapons drawn when serving the search warrant?

This smells of a coverup for a monumental career ending fiasco by officers involved.

Even if the warrant was served on the right residence and the intelligence that drugs were stored there, above and beyond the prescriptions the elderly have, these officers should be laughed out of their profession for having a 92 year old woman getting the drop on them.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

CheTards Applaud Daniel Ortega's Return To Power

Neptunus Lex has a post on former communist dictator Daniel Ortega's electoral victory where due to the conservative vote being fractured between two candidates he is again el presidente in Nicaragua.

Last time he was in power President Reagan backed the Contras to remove him from power.

This time an election will suffice after they see the people of Nicragua see the marxist-leninist shenanigans begin.


I just purchased some Contra coffee grown by former Contra's. There is nothing quite like a strong cup of freedom.

GFW Bond Actor Box Office Drop

Looks like GFW actor Daniel Craig's Casino Royale James Bond film failed to achieve the box office of former Bond Pierce Brosnan's last pic.

A bunch of lively penguins beat a newly buffed James Bond this weekend. This is bad news for Daniel Craig and good news for former Bond Pierce Brosnan. That's because "Casino Royale" took in about $7 million less than Brosnan's last bond feature.

"Die Another Day" had a $47 million opening weekend in 2002. And "Casino Royale" only did $5 million better than Brosnan's 1999 Bond outing, "The World Is Not Enough.

This is the actor who proclaimed his disdain for firearms. Apparently his moral objections were easily overcome by the pay day.

Should his new found familiarity with firearms cure his hoplophobia I will be the first to note his joining of the ranks of his yoemen forefathers.

Previous post on this topic here.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Democracies Standing Together

The word's two greatest democracies United States of America (yes, I know we are a democratic republic) and India have signed a nuclear cooperation agreement

Bush and Singh praised the deal at a joint news conference, but they did not mention that it would allow India to produce vast quantities of fissile material, something the United States and the four other major nuclear powers -- China, Russia, France and Britain -- have voluntarily halted. The pact also does not require oversight of India's prototype fast-breeder reactors, which can produce significant amounts of super-grade plutonium when fully operating.

The Bush administration originally sought a plan that would have allowed India to continue producing material for six to 10 weapons each year, but the new plan would allow India enough fissile material for as many as 50 weapons a year. Experts said this would far exceed what is believed to be its current capacity.

"The nuclear options that India insisted on protecting in this deal cast serious doubt on its declared policy of seeking only a credible minimum deterrent," said Robert J. Einhorn, a former assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation, now at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

Bush and Singh described the deal, which has been in the works since July, as an important breakthrough in U.S.-India relations, less than a decade after the two nations were estranged and bitterly divided over India's nuclear ambitions.

This another great moment for freedom worldwide as a natural friendship is strengthened, one which adds greater strength to the resistance to totalitarian states and their attempts extend the malevolent cloud of their influence throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Fidel Headed For Gulag In The Sky?

Val over at Babalu Blog has a post regarding the Swiss bankers who had previously handled the Cuban Commie's finances are cutting Fidel Castro off.

Looks like Castro's commie clique is not expected to outlive his demise which apparently imminent.

Geneva - Switzerland's two biggest banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, have stopped all transactions with Cuba, they both said on Sunday.

Spokespeople for the banks said they now consider Cuba to be a "sensitive" country, confirming a report by the Swiss German weekly SonntagsZeitung.

UBS, Switzerland's largest bank, also stopped business with Cuban companies and people living on the communist island.

Christoph Meier, UBS spokesperson, said it costs too much to ensure that Cuba respects and conforms to legal and financial regulations.

Cuba joins a number of "sensitive" countries with which UBS has no business relations, including Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.
My prayers are for a peaceful transition to a free state run with open, honest elections and free market economy and attendant overwhelming improvement for the lot of the common man in Cuba.

When Castro's commie clique passes and democracy flourishes I will assuredly make it a vacation spot and support the people of Cuba in the most powerful direct fashion; with cold hard cash.

Cuba Libre!

National Buy Ammo Day Purchases

Today I stopped by Sportsman's Warehouse and purchased 150 rounds as part of the National Buy Ammo Day effort.

I purchased an additional 100 rounds of Winchester 9x19mm 124gr FMJ and 50 rounds of Winchester .357 Magnum 110 gr JHP.

I also picked up some of the fluorescent shoot and see targets.

On my way in I saw the Toys For Tots booth outside.

While headed to the check out line I browsed the strategically placed toy firearms display. While looking over the selection I saw the proverbial cowboy gun and holster, much like the first one I recall having as a child. I picked that up for some child to arm him or herself for the many imaginary adventures ahead of them.

I also picked up a raffle ticket (raffle for a Winchester bolt action rifle in either .270 Winchester or .25 WSM) for a youth group which takes kids into the great outdoors for the activities urban and suburban kids miss out on.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Easy Prey

I have often thought that thieves, robbers, rapists, murderers, et all are like predators out of a Discovery channel show looking for easy game to and from the watering hole.

The parallels are obvious; the watering hole is the ATM or other area where we need to queue up in isolation, the weak are those that are not physically intimidating (big, strong, young or armed) or are in small numbers.

This was clearly evidenced in an robbery outside a Wal Mart in Connecticut.

As people lined up to purchase their Playstation III they were robbed by two armed men.

The one individual who resisted was shot.

Two armed thugs tried to rob a line of people waiting to buy the new Playstation 3 gaming console early Friday and shot one who refused to give up the money, authorities said.

The two confronted 15 to 20 people who were in line outside a Wal-Mart store shortly after 3 a.m. and demanded money, said Lt. J. Paul Vance, a spokesman for the state police. The new Sony consoles are selling for around $500 to $600.

This could have been avoided had there been a fear on the part of the criminals of an armed presence. A group of geeks queued up for their latest gaming fix was no deterrent to the predators at what was obviously the modern equivalent of the watering hole. Had any of these gamers been armed they might have prevented the situation. It likely would have been easy to spot the criminals from their behavior on the approach to the line.

one was wearing a ski mask and brandishing a handgun, and the other had what appeared to be a shotgun.

Another possible resolution would have been from WalMarts side:

Had WalMart provided armed security outside the store for its patrons. I sincerely doubt the expense would have been exorbitant to provide its customers with security regardless of whether the burden to do so was on them or not to do so. I would think the loss of commerce represented by the sales missed would have at least covered the expense, especially so if you add the fact that the individuals would have purchased multiple games and other accessories.

It would be interesting to know if WalMarts in Connecticut or this WalMart in particular had a no firearms policy.

One store did have a unique approach to safeugarding the welfare of their employees and customers:

A Best Buy in Boston, aware it had only 140 of the consoles, got smart - its employees gave out tickets to the first 140 people in line so everyone could go home.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sounds Like A Safe Place

Another town has adopted a "must own" law wherein citizens, in this case barring those with religious restrictions against, are to own a firearms.

Sounds like a lovely town to retire to.

Not that I am ready for that anytime soon.

The ever thoughtful and informative Alphecca brings us the story.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Comrade Bob

Looks like Comrade Bob is having a problem with his airline.

Who guessed that if you tried to run your country with no regard for its economic well being you would see it all fall apart?

Publius Pundit has more on the situation with Zimbabwe.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Depending On The Outcome...

Depending on the outcome of today's elections I may have to make a visit to the local gun shops

If the leftists or progressive elements if you prefer, win big in today's elections it will only be a short time before they start calling for gun control. Its a habit they can not seem to break, like their habit of increasing taxes and coming up with spending programs to keep the poor dependent on them delivering more freebies rather than making them become self dependent.

I figure the items on my list are:

More hi capacity magazines for AK
Folding stock AK varient
Another FAL receiver or two
Perhaps an AR15 with collapsible stock and accessories
More ammo in every caliber I own.

It would be nice if I did not need to run out and do this suddenly but with the leftists likely to control the House and Senate you know they will not be able to resist their peasant disarmament desires.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

National Buy Ammo Day

National Buy Ammo Day is the 19th of November this year.

Kim Du Toit has a good breakdown on the day.

I could use some more 7.62x39mm and 9x19mm.

Two nice places to purchase your 100 or more rounds of ammo:


JG Sales

Unarmed Security Guard?

Dr. Helen by way of Instapundit has an article on the murder of an unarmed security guard at a Knoxville, TN school.

He was provided no body armor by his employer and no weapon.

Patrolling at night he came across an armed career criminal.

He was shot in the back, suffering a mortal wound, as he attempted to flee.

Here we have an illustration of the worthlessness of the ridiculous suggestions of the lefties that running away is a good defense mechanism when confronted by an armed criminal.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Results Of Victim Disarmament

Victim Disarmament.

What is this fascination that gun control has for leftists.

Ah, yes how silly of me to forget, the leftists desire gun control due to the facility of managing those they consider the unbeknighted masses. You see if the commoners were armed they would be able to resist whatever the collectivist program of the month was. Imagine how the Ukraine's famine would have gone in the 1930's during collectivization of the farms had the populace been armed and able to resist.

Those places with the strictest gun control's population suffer harshly from crime and injustice.

Example St. Louis, Missouri has been selected as the most dangerous city in the United States. Missouri, a state in which repeated efforts by lawmakers excercising the will of their constituents to pass a "shall issue" concealed carry permit law, only to have successive liberal governors veto the measures only recently overrode the governor's veto to establish concealed carry. The artifacts of the long history of the leftist political hostility to an armed populace, even today you must have a permit from the County Sherriff to purchase a handgun, a process that takes weeks, is witnessed by the crime rates in St. Louis.

A second example is made clear by the fears of Australian women at the rise in rape and sexual assaults.

FRIGHTENED women are learning self-defence, arming themselves with personal security alarms and exercising in groups following a spate of sex attacks across Brisbane....

The sale of personal alarms and whistles has skyrocketed.

Self-protection consultant Penny Gulliver said learning self-defence was an empowering process for women.

While I certainly agree that learning unarmed self defense techniques are empowering I would recommend a firearm rather than a whistle and a handful of strike moves as a means of defense.

Previous article on the land down under and self defense and another here.

More information is available here, here and here.

San Francisco Victim Disarmament Zone

Here is a poignant story on how the police cannot protect you even at a venue where they screen all entrants.

Ten people were shot at a San Francisco street party on Halloween.

That is correct in the People's Republic of Kalifornia, in a city that has twice attempted to ban handguns and has draconiant policies in place for posession of a handgun, there were ten people shot at a party.

Here is the kicker:

"We had the sheriff's department screening people for weapons and alcohol. Obviously you have a major event - a lot of different spots" to patrol, said police spokesman Neville Gittens said. "I can't explain how this happened. Unfortunately it did happen, and we are investigating to find out who is the cause of the shooting
That is correct ladies and gentlemen, even when the police were screening those who entered for weapons and alcohol they missed someone with a weapon and ten people were shot.

Another fine example of how relying upon the police for protection will only leave you an unarmed, easy target.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ZombApocalypse Watch

Josh over at South Park Pundit is on watch for any signs of the mobile undead.

He has some significant pointers for those who need to configure their Zombie Apocalypse survival kits.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Harold Ford Moron Candidate For Senate

The Tennessee Senate democratic candidate Harold Ford is romancing the neighbors shi tzu again.

This time the self proclaimed lawyer who never passed the bar exam, you know that test you have to pass to practice law, has denounced Australia as a potential nuclear threat to the United States.

Apparently the legal whiz has decided our long time ally in the Pacific, the ally which has stood by our side during World War II, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, the current war against the jihadi whackjobs and the long simmering Cold War is now a threat to the U.S.A.

Harold Ford, a handsome 36-year-old from Tennessee, has become one of the sensations of the mid-term elections in the US and a reason why Democrats are a good chance of winning back control of the US Congress for the first time in 12 years.

But if Mr Ford, already a US congressman, wins his bid to become a more powerful senator, Australia had better watch out.

Because according to Mr Ford, Australia has an interest in nuclear weapons and is part of the broader nuclear threat to the US.

Luckily for the future of the nation and the self respect of those in Tennesse Hard Ford is trailing his opponent by up to five points in recent polling.

Hat Tips to Tim Blair and Instapundit.


Harold Ford must be very desperately trying to lose his run for a Tennessee Senate.

From the Bitch Girls

Harold Ford Wants to Raise Your Taxes

Because, let’s face it, his proposed 25 percent tax on Internet pornography would impact just about every reader here. Evil! (Link stolen from Glenn.)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tribute To Diggers

Australian forces have fought for freedom , liberty, to defend their nation and the Commonwealth in many wars.

The Diggers as they are affectionately known as, much like our Marines are referred to as Leathernecks or Devil Dogs (Teuful Heunden) and our Soldiers as Dog Faces or G.I.'s, have fought along side our forces in World War II, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, countless "peace keeping" operations and now in Afghanistan.

Now a recording artist from Australia is taking a stand against those who tore down her posters as a protest against her morale boosting tour of Diggers in the War on Terror.

Black Five has her moving response.


And to the Diggers serving the world over and their families my thanks for their sacrifices.

Monday, October 23, 2006

UK PoopSmith

Apparently there is a Poop Smith operating on the trains in the U.K.

Vandalizing property by smearing his excrement all over the train passenger cars.

Having seen this behavior, or rather the effect of this behavior, previously, I know how frustrating it can be.

I mean what type of individual would rather defecate upon the floor or on the surface of a toilet's exterior rather than into the bowl as proper?

What is going on in what passes for a brain for them?

What lack of self respect let alone respect for their society at large is at play?

Another fine argument for retroactive abortion.

Down Under BuyBack Failure

As we have seen across the world, whether it be the leftward leaning states like Massachussets, New York, California or New Jersey or Commonwealth countries, gun control in the form of restrictions even when a Buy Back program exists are an absolute failure.

The latest in a long list of failures for gun control is noted in Australia.

The report by two Australian academics, published in the British Journal of Criminology, said statistics gathered in the decade since Port Arthur showed gun deaths had been declining well before 1996 and the buyback of more than 600,000 mainly semi-automatic rifles and pump-action shotguns had made no difference in the rate of decline.

The only area where the package of Commonwealth and State laws, known as the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) may have had some impact was on the rate of suicide, but the study said the evidence was not clear and any reductions attributable to the new gun rules were slight.

"Homicide patterns (firearm and non-firearm) were not influenced by the NFA, the conclusion being that the gun buyback and restrictive legislative changes had no influence on firearm homicide in Australia," the study says
Australia had implemented draconian firearms restrictions in response to the Port Arthur Massacre where 35 were killed and 37 wounded by an insane man. Rather than taking the lessons learned as Texans did from the Luby Massacre , where 20 people were killed by a madman, and implement shall issue concealed carry permits, the Australians government banned pump shotguns, semi automatic shotguns and rifles and later many handguns.

Rather than acting to stop the madmen among us effectively by allowing law abiding citizens to be armed, Australia acted to remove access to all reasonably effective weapons.

The inescapable logic of , "if you criminalize the ownership of firearms only criminals will have them" is really driven home by statistics noted:
Politicians had assumed tighter gun laws would cut off the supply of guns to would-be criminals and that homicide rates would fall as a result, the study said. But more than 90 per cent of firearms used to commit homicide were not registered, their users were not licensed and they had been unaffected by the firearms agreement.
What did they obtain with this surrender of their right to self defense?

They received increasing property rates of crimes like burglary and violent assaults against individuals since criminals no longer feared an armed response.

This is why it is important to keep pushing back against the infringements made against our 2nd Amendment rights; once the socialist nanny staters gains a toe hold they will proceed to crack away at all other remaining rights regardless of the fallacious nature of the premises upon which their ill considered plans are made.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Upgrading The Smoking Lounge

My heterosexual life partner decided that our smoking lounge, also referred to as the back patio, needed to be upgraded.

With the addition of porcelain tile the appearance of the smoking lounge was brought up a notch.

To enhance the year long comfort of our patio we purchased a new patio heater.

Previously we had used a table top patio heater which made about a 15 degree difference in the temperature in a 3' radius.

When you had guests over on holidays this was barely adequate to cover people.

Previously at a restaurant I had noted the Bernzomatic, a patio heater with the elements heating around the circumfrence of the unit rather than from the top down as seen in our table top model and other patio heaters.

This will it to keep my heterosexual life partner warmer from head to toe rather than literally a hot head and cold feet as seen with the patio heaters that have their elements at the top.

There are only two issues with the Bernzomatic. This first concern is that it will use more propane which is not a big deal as it will produce much more heat.

The second issue is that it will bear watching due to its uncanny resemblance to a Dalek.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Not All Bad News For France

Someone in France's government is paying attention to the long term survival of the Franks; France is heavily subsidizing reproduction of those ethnically French.

Unlike the rest of Europe which is looking forward to a population crash later this century as decades of below replacement level reproduction force impact the workforce and fisc, France is planning on maintaining their population.

It is also possible that France is looking to forestall the change in culture that the reduction of the ethnically French population to a minority would have.

If there is anything the French can be counted on doing is stubbornly maintaining their differences from the rest of the world.

Perhaps there is yet a glimmer of hope for France's future.

For the rest of Europe I am not so certain.

Hat tip Instapundit.

For more see Austin Bay.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beer Guide

Josh over at has a primer for those not as yet clued in on beer types.

While an admitted fan of the over the top hopped IPA the other beer types are good to try if only to find out how truly satisfying a strong IPA is.

Stupid Cop Tricks

Apparently another brave defender of the public trust defended himself from a viscious attacker by shooting her while she posed no threat to him.

A judge has rejected the self-defense claims of a state police trooper who fatally shot a motorist forced off the road. The decision keeps a lawsuit by the driver's family on track for a trial sometime next year. An assistant Michigan attorney general asked Lenawee County Circuit Judge Timothy Pickard to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the family of Jesalynn Simons. The 18-year-old died a day after being shot in the leg by trooper David Rivard.

Pickard watched a patrol-car video of the December eleventh, 2003 incident. He said he saw Rivard shooting through the passenger-door window as the car backed up.

Rivard has testified he shot in self-defense after Simons backed into another patrol car and drove toward him.

For those in my home town this will be quite familiar.

Dan Lovelace then a Chandler police officer shot and killed a woman who tried to get away after attempting to get a fake prescription filled.

Standing at the driver window disgraced Officer Lovelace fired as the woman tried to drive off.

At no time was he in danger from the vehicle since cars don't drive sideways.

Lovelace shot anyway. Striking the woman in the back. Luckily missing the toddler in the child seat next to the drug addict mother.

Police are given wide lattitude and leniency when it comes to excercising the trust placed in them. However this trust should also come with as much accountability as it does leniency. I would encourage officers to patrol their ranks as zealously as they perform their other duties and remove those who are unfit before they damage their own standing in the eyes of the public.

Closing In On Space Navy

As exploration pushed the boundaries of human understanding enterprising souls found ways to make a profit from the new discoveries. Whether it be by trade, shipping, mining ores or providing services to those that do, humans have found a way to profit by it.

As these profits and interests amount competitors and even non state actors (pirates/terrorists) have taken the opportunity to abscond with the fruit of other's capital and labor.

This naturally has brought about a nation's protective element; its Navy. Maintaining commerce through safeguarding the Sea Lanes of Communication, providing a safe environment for a nation's business is a Navy's job. Even small nations have a fleet if for nothing else to run off those illicitly commercially fishing inside their territorial waters.

Now our exploration and commerce is taking us away from our home and beyond the atmoshpere. Already much of our communication infrastructure floats miles beyond the clouds.

Soon we will have tourists exploring where only multi billion dollar government programs have been. This will lead to other trade. And inevitably in mankind we will begin to compete for control of the ultimate high ground.

In order to be ready for this contested ground our interests will have to be protected. How far are we from this becoming a reality?

In recent notes we have seen the on going development of more efficient drive systems for use in our solar system.

Also we have seen plans for powering space based vessels.

Now we see that a cloaking device used to mask radio emissions/radar signature has been created.

We have rail guns in labs and more in development.

How much work would it take to create missile systems for space based ship to ship and, heaven forbid their use, ship to planetary targets?

Notably a warhead would be superfluous provided the projectile itself was moving fast enough.

Obviously the greatest expense would be development of orbital infrastructure and pushing supplies and materials out of the planetary gravity well.

That all being said, are we within fifty years of our first frigates operating in the cold of space?

I honestly have no informed idea of how long it will be until our financial stake in the heavens above us becomes significant enough or competition fierce enough to need protection.


A link to an USAF report on space defense and a spirited debate at Slashdot.

Hat Tip to DefenseTech

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pick Up The White Courtesy Clue Bat

John Tabin's article in the Spectator shows he understands current firearms regulation far better than those who would attempt to ban our ownership of all means of self defense.

The AK-47s that you can buy at the average gun store are semiautomatic rifles; you only get one shot per trigger-pull. How did the assault weapons ban that was in effect from 1994 to 2004 affect the availability of these? It didn't, in any meaningful sense. The differences between the rifles that were legal before the ban, during the ban, and now are entirely cosmetic.

FEIT'S SILLY COLUMN WOULDN'T BE quite so remarkable if not for how it came to my attention, through an approving link from Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan is ubiquitous these days, promoting a book entitled The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How to Get It Back. His comment on Feit's column: "As Jon Stewart said of John McCain, Giuliani has turned his straight talk express into a bus to bulls**t-town."

The only thing left out of the article is the absence of any legally owned fully automatic weapon being used in a crime by a private citizen. The only instance known of the criminal misuse of a fully automatic weapon was a police officer who killed his wife.

With the clue bat apparently out of the closet and dusted off for use perhaps our beautiful country will move beyond its hoplophobia and begin the rollback of the Gun Control Acts of 1986 and 1968.

Hat Tip to PoliPundit

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Victor David Hanson has an interesting take on Frank Miller's 300, a movie bringing to life his graphic novel telling the tale of Leonidas leading 300 Spartans at Thermopylae against the many thousands strong Persian army.

This is a must see movie.

Now someone needs to tell the tale of Charles Martel leading the Franks against Abdul Rahman's invading army.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stratford, CT Mayor Packs Heat

The Mayor of Stratford, CT carries a firearm.

Apparently legally excercising the right to protect one's self is news to the MSM.

Having been to Stratford, CT I must say that carrying a firearm is an eminently wise idea.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Washing Away The Week

Its Friday and time for a little relaxation.

This week has been a bit funkadelic.

Working a normal workday and then coordinating efforts at night for hours length conference calls in the night time.

I ended the last of them an hour ago.

I can now have that beer to wash things away.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of Reaper Ale's Sleighor Double IPA at my local wine, liquor and beer purveyor.

A very smooth effort at IPA missing some of the barbaric intensity of Hopping that I normally prefer, however extraordinary in execution of its target taste.

A very pleasant way to ease the week's drain upon my emotional reserves.

On a lighter note I also partook of New Belgium Brewing's Blue Paddle Ale. A beer I had purchased at Costco at a great price (or so I thought at the time) of $20 a case.

Rather than tasting like a Czech pilsner this beer tasted like a pale imitaton of the craft brewer's art as if imitating a mass produced beer like Bud Lite was a goal to be achieved rather than unenviable fate to be avoided.


Today's tobacco accompaniement was the ever satisfying La Gloria Cubana Series R #6 Maduro.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Next Rifle Condundrum

One of the thornier problems firearms owners have to deal with is which firearm to get next.

This question has puzzled many of my fellow firearms enthusiasts.

How do you decide what to get next?

Should I purchase a rifle in a caliber I already have on hand?

For now let's presume the answer is yes.

That would mean a rifle in 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm or 7.62x54R.

So that means one of the following:

SKS; A great truck or trunk rifle, solid stopping power and a spouse pleasing inexpensive price tag.

Kalashnikov copy; those Yugo folders sure do look nice and would give my wife and I a His and Hers. That I could have the AK with decent red dot sight for the price of two of the other rifles competing for a space in my home is a very big plus.

Dragunov copy; there are now some Romanian dragunovs in available for a price not too much higher than the average AK copy and about what another FAL build. Ammunition is cheap and widely available unlike during the 1970s when my father had a rifle in that caliber.

pic stolen shamelessly from

FAL; another metric build, downside is the availability of upper receivers currently and then build time for a gunsmith. This is a design I am familiar and a 16" carbine sure would look nice along with the rifle I have currently. image shamelessly stolen from
This is a dillema which I will have to spend some time pondering.

Of course I could always go with the thought that I have .30 caliber well covered at this point and should branch out into 5.56x45mm?

Ammo is affordable for the AR series of rifles and a local shop has a stunning deal on an M-4gery. But then I would have to purchase more magazines, ammunition, relearn the quirks of the AR/m16 series, etc.

Choices, Choices.

Input on this one is welcome.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gun Control Laws Artificially Inflating Prices

Living in the United States of America we have things better than most countries.

I know this.

This does not mean there is not room for improvement.

By improvement I mean removing government restrictions on what people purchase, spend their time on, etc.

Activist government and its bureaucracy decide what is good for us and steer us (pun intended) towards these choices through regulation and taxation.

Examples of this are abundant however some easy ones are tobacco products and alcohol to name but two.

How prices are artificially inflated is easy to see in today example the CZ vz58.

Those who now me know I am a fan of the products from the Czech Republic including of course their fine firearms and beer.

One of the firearms I would like to own but am unable to due to government restrictions is the Vz 58.

While Ohio Ordinance Works makes a semi-automatic version of the Vz 58 built on imported kits from the Czech Republic the cost is $1250 fully thrice that of a good to excellent Kalashnikov copy also in semi-automatic configuration.

Compare this to our brethren in Canada, a nation known for its liberal (read socialist) policies, where the Czech produced semi-automatic version of the VZ 58 is available for $585 Canadian.

This is due the restrictions placed upon us by a RINO president by executive fiat in 1989.

While I know that I can purchase many similar firearms for my collection and Homeland defense needs it exasperates me that models of identical function (semi-automatic gas operation) are prohibited based solely upon a fiat that precludes foreign manufacture forcing costly alterations be made state-side to accomodate same.

I want to see these arbitrary and nonsensical rules to disappear and judging by the advancement of the 2nd Amendment liberties back into the consciousness of my fellow Americans there may come a day when government no longer tries to bully, cajole or steer the public, or at least not as blatantly, as it currently does with its policies.

On that happy day I will purchase a rifle like this young lady has from the freedom loving home of the Velvet Revolution.

My thanks to Kim DuToit reminding me of my desire for another fine product of the Czech Republic.

My thanks also goes out to Ohio Ordinance Works and all those who turn unwanted, surplus rifles back into the implements used to defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happines.

Previous rants of a similar theme:

The Wonders of the Czech Republic

Example of Gun Control Artificially Driving Up Prices

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CarBaQue Season In Europe

Looks like its time CarBaQue Season in Europe.

Renault and Peugeot dealers are no doubt already dancing about with glee.

This sort of thing happened in the United States in the 60's, 70's, 80's (leftist hippy marches) and in a few isolated incidents in the 90's (typically after claimed police brutality).

Once the government shows they will not tolerate disorder this sort of thing will stop.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Hamid Karzai the President of Afghanistan unleashed pwnage upon the whackjobs in the press today cogently stating the obvious; terrorists had been attacking us long before 9/11 and other than taking the fight to your enemy how do you stop them?

Watch the video on this link.
His piece is at the end.

My thanks to our ally in the war on terror.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Scam Alert

Apparently there is a scam afoot that all shoul be made aware of.

Spank That Donkey has the details.

Parents Beat Perv

Here is a little snippet from the news of how a community should react to someone's harmful actions to children.

Fifteen adults caught and subdued a man who was showing nude pictures to kids at a park.

Bravo to those vigilant parents.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mild But Pleasant

I love a good hoppy beer.

This is why I lean to the hop-a-liscious IPA's like Ale Smith, Stone IPA and Reaper Ale's Sleighor.

I lean to heavier end of the scale, that is the IPA's with the over the top bitterness reminiscent of an ex-wife.

This is why I found I was surprised to be pleased by a milder IPA; Harpoon's IPA.

This was like a very well done beer, balanced, lacking the hearty bottom of most of my favorite IPAs but combined that with an equivalent approach to hopping.

Frankly it was more like a good Czech Pilsner with a hoppy character than an IPA.

This beer made me want to sit on the porch on a sunny but cool autumn day, rather than my usual IPA fare's inspiration to subdue a continent for God and Country.

However in and of itself a worthy example of the brewing art.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Orianna Falacci Passes

Those who know me understand that I have a firm faith in the quintessential American values; courage to stand your ground and do what's right regardless of the popularity of it, self reliance, speaking your mind, to name a few.

I also support whole heartedly free speech.

I have purchased books that I do not agree with just to thwart those who say I should not read it.

An example would be Philip Jose Farmer's Image of the Beast.

Another example would be the works of Orianna Fallaci.

While I did not agree with much of what she said, I do support her right to have her say without moderation or prohibition.

Free speech should not be abridged.

For this reason I purchased her books.

In her home country she was under indictment for her writing and had to hide in New York.

This week she returned to her home country, Italy, to die.

Politic's Central has a write up on the late Orianna Fallaci.


Since the folks at Stone Brewing have been slacking, no Stone IPA at my local beer and cigar store for the last two weeks, I have had to try another type of brew.

I am trying the Double Daddy from Speakeasy Ales and Brews.

It is almost hoppy enough and has a relatively hearty flavor, however lacking the over the top je ne sais quoi of the Stone IPA.

Not to other beer drinkers do not try the SPeakeasy Ales and Brews IPA, its crap. Not as bad as Hazed and Infused from a brewery in Boulder, Colorado, which itself tastes like it was hopped with Hippy feet, but a totally unworthy effort nonetheless.

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11th

Today we recall the savagery and loss of thousands of our fellow Americans and foreign nationals in a terrorist attack.

Yes September 11th, 2001 was a day of great sadness.

We have begun to pay those responsible back, showing their ideology of hate and dream of a new caliphate a la Suleiman the Great is ridiculous.

Even at the height of the power of the Caliphate the West withstood their advances despite the fractious nature of Western nobility. Yes, dear readers even then France was a nay sayer to resisting the Caliphate despite their literally invading Europe at that time and many times in the previous seven centuries.

September 11th, 1565
via Op For.

September 11th, 1683 from the Gates of Vienna

September 11th, 2001 from Michelle Malkin.

Remember all the September 11th's the West has experienced, mourning the losses yet have your courage strengthened by the defeats our enemies inevitably suffer.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

United Baggage Mis-Handling

Apparently United Airlines has some very basic breakdowns in honesty as well as competency.

The United Airlines baggage handlers at O'Hare airport have been stealing firearms from the checked baggage

Sportsmen, choose another airline for your travels.

Not only is there a significant chance that United Airlines would lose your bag they know they have a problem with theft from checked luggage.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

United Assclowns

Perhaps a new slogan for United Airlines could be Unbound Incompetence.

My luggage reached me today.

I checked it in at the airport on Sunday August 20th at 10:30 am.

I saw it again only nine minutes ago at 9:30pm, today, Wednesday August 24th.

For three days while in Canada my luggage was "delayed baggage". A pleasant turn of phrase that, isn't it?

What that meant was no toiletry articles, no clean clothes.

I was on business not on pleasure.

So the first day I had to conduct business in the type of attire we fly in nowadays which as you know is increasingly casual.

I was assured by the delayed baggage call center for United Airlines which as you can only imagine has been outsourced to India, yes, that's right if you fly United Airlines and your luggage is lost you will be dealing with endless, polite protestations of how dreadfully sorry they are and damn little actual action to return your luggage.

United Airlines call center in Indiana has eight more days of employment before they are all laid off. That's eight more days of every fifth person you speak to being on the same continent you are.

Now I work with people from the Indian subcontinent and other places close to it.

I must have been spoiled by their competence, work ethic, ingenuity and ability to rise above challenges encountered.

Its likely that the call flows used by United Assclowns..err United Arline's outsourcer for that call center to not have included what to do when there is conflicting information. This would be an excellent opportunity for me to provide some "coaching feedback" for them. I will enjoy it, I doubt sincerely that whomever I deal with will.


United Airlines baggage handlers swear up and down that your bag is in the right airport, in customs for a foreign country.

The customs personnel and baggage handlers swear up and down its not there.

You drive to the airport after your luggage has been "delayed" for 44 hours to find out that, no really, its not there.

You call the United Assclowns call center only to have someone reading from their script argue with you about it being on site with you despite you having already searched.

Yes, this is what happened to me.

To top this all off that day four,yes, four times I had been disco'd while the Indian agent went "to check on the status of my luggage".

I was unfailingly courteous to everyone at United Assclowns...err...Airlines irregardless of where the call center was.

It was not their fault my luggage had been rifled through by the TSA who did not take the time to re-zip the closures on my bag and then it was repeatedly "expedited to my location" only to arrive at the airport in my original destination
after I had already left that country and was en route to my home.

Should you be considering who to do business with for your work or personal travel bear this in mind; Who will be taking your call for lost luggage?

One other item to cover; Canadians are really nice. The people in Canada made a horrid travel experience endurable.

I will have to look into purchasing some Canadian products.

I could use one of those C-7's with what looked to be an Elcan the guard matching behind the band I saw had.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

NBA Player Arrested For Shots Fired Near White House

While I am not impressed by professional athletes in the least I do not ascribe them subhuman intelligence or neanderthal like behavior.

Perhaps I was wrong.

One NBA player is determined to prove me wrong in my fair mindedness.

A former NBA player Charles Baxter was arrested by the Secret Service for firing shots near the White House

I know of the affinity alot of players have for illicit substance abuse. Frankly I do not care if they do imbibe illicit drugs or not.

All I ask is that for the love of all that is holy you do not be so stupid as to use a firearm near one of the most heavily surveilled areas in the world; the White House.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Courage To Speak Out

It takes great courage to speak out against those who could strike back at you.

That type of intestinal fortitude is what saved thousands of lives this week.

The foiling of the plot to blow up planes in the air over the US and UK all began with a phone tip from someone worried about an acquaintance.

That is correct, one brave soul worried about what someone in their community was up to made the call to the authorities resulting in thousands of saved lives.

My grateful thanks to that unnamed individual who though fearing likely retribution made the call to save the innocent.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Anti-gun zealots want to see the world rid firearms, ridding the world of the equalizer that has long made the physically weak able to fend off the strong.

None to be used in crimes, self-defense or war.

As if magically all struggles would cease as these weapons were removed.

As one with a more than passing interest in mankind's history I know this to be a delusion.

Strife existed before we armed ourselves with more than Mark 1 Mod 0 Rock.

What would it be like to be returned to a world where firearms were no longer available?

Imagine this man, the Viking raider, coming to your home.

What will he want? Any coin, art work, prescious metals, your live stock, your food and the use of any of your daughters.

How would you, the common man or woman resist an armored foe? Will you try to stop hm with your rake, shovel, true pruning implements?

I assure you between his armor and shield he will be able to put thirty inches of his sword through you.

For those who think you would have similar weapons of your own know that the raiders never worked alone. They worked in teams.

Unlike firearms where a few hours of instruction and practice makes an individual somewhat competent, edged weapons require many hundreds if not thousands of hours to master.

Even if you had the resources to commit long, hard hours of daily practice with spear, shield and sword how would you fair against ten men come raiding?

You would only have the time to provide a horrible spectacle for your wife and children to see before they too fell prey to the raider.

Now what of the troops whose job it is to defend you?

The knights, squires and men-at-arms who recieve land grants to be your masters so the fruit of your labors can be taxes to provide them with the time to train in the use of edged weapons, what would you do to resist them when they decided that the taxes on your farm had just gone up so they could receive a bit of the graft (for those who do not know tax farming you are in for a treat).

Would you be able to enforce your will against a despot surrounded by armored men?

Would you be able to stop the republic from becoming a despotism?

How would you enforce your will?

The Second Amendment enumerates the rights of Americans to resist despotism by recognizing the right to be armed in order to resist tyranny with effective weapons.

Imagine a nation without the Second Amendment or firearms. How would you resist the forces of a government turned to tyranny?

You would not be able to.

Even on the individual level of a unarmed man and woman how would a 130 pound woman effectively resist a 200 pound man?

Would the woman suddenly become a martial arts expert beating him senseless as seen in any number of silly hollwood movies?

Although it is chic currently to show pixie like women thrashing two hundred pound men it is far more likely that the disparate levels of physical force would result in the woman becoming a victim.

Think about a world without firearms, where the strong can control the weak.

Where only those with the wealth and time to practice with weapons for hours daily are the strong.

Honestly look at your life and decide which you would be the lord or the peasant.

That is your world without firearms.

Hat tip to the thousands of Historical Reenactors who provide a healthy reminder of our past.

Also thanks to authors such as S.M. Stirling whose works are available at Amazon.

Cold Hard Logic

The debate about firearms ownership is often viewed in terms of emotion rather than fact.

"Wouldn't the world be a better place if all just got along, etc" seems to be the idea behind gun control. As if aberrant, violent behavior among those who commit violent crimes would suddeny cease if one of their tools became unavailable.

Of Arms and The Law has a link to an excellent article on this here.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Once In My Youth...

I tasted the food of the Gods.


No words can describe it.

To this day it marks me.

Leaving an entire of strata of a cuisine undesirable indeed untouchable to me.

My former mother-in-law, mother of my first wife, had some transdimensional communion in which she channeled the recipe for the very food of the Gods.

I cannot touch anything which calls itself by the same name as it would be a phantom, not even a mere ghost of the one, true epiphany I had.

The food you ask that I may never experience again in this life?

Fried Chicken.

The Colonel? A cruel joke.

Popeye's? A blind man's attempt to describe the stars in the sky.

Church's? Don't even ask.

Not A Dirty Hippy Brew

So Sunday afternoon after a round of Prickly Pear Margaritas I began having a few beers.

I started as oft I do in the Summer time with Las Lagunitas Czech Pilsner.

A fine representation of the Czech style pilsner which was created in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Prior to getting to the serious business of a growler from my favorite local brewer, Streets of New York and their fantabulously fresh, strong and envigorating India Pale Ale, I tried an I.P.A. from Green Flash Brewing.

Initially I was worried when I elected to sample this brew as it had a label reminiscent of the dirty hippy brew Hazed and Infuzed which was total and absolute crap. Only someone incredibly high and out of touch with reality could have called that excrement an I.P.A.

No doubt the Sepoy Rebellion would have been nothing compared to what would have happened had this shite been shipped to The Raj to be imbibed by the Redcoats.

However once I tried the Green Flash Brewing Co.'s West Coast IPA I was pleased with its hoppy citrus flavor and serious dark golden amber color. An appreciable head developed on the beer which dissipated my concerns far faster than the head itself disappeared.

West Coast IPA refreshed long after opening even at today's stifling 104 degrees at the poolside.

Truly a feat for which the I.P.A. was created.

I recommend this brew to those in need of refreshment while braving the temperatures of a Southwestern or even Subcontinental summer.

Today's tobacco accompaniament was the ever satisfying La Gloria Cubana Charlegmagne Maduro cigar.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monster Who Planned Beslan School Massacre Killed

There are no words foul enough to describe the evil of one who would plan a massacre at a school.

That is what Shamil Basayev did.

His plan led to the death of 344 innocent civilians, 186 of them children attending their first day of school.

He was also involved in the Moscow Theater Massacre where 128 hostages died.

Today the families of their victims got a slight measure of payback; Russian Spetznaz caught up with Shamil Basayev, killing him with a truck bomb as his motorcade passed.

I will have to pick up some Russian Vodka and toast those men and women who put together the intelligence, planned this operation and carried it out.

Terrorism Strikes In Mumbai, India

Mumbia, India (formerly known as Bombay) was struck today by terrorists.

The vermin who have killed at least 147 individuals and wounded hundreds more did so by setting eight bombs on commuter trains. Seven went off and the eight was defused.

There was an hour delay between the event and the appearance of government services.

Who do you ask was the hero of the hour?

The average Mumbai commuter. They banded together and began helping each other.

Those perpetrating this hateful, cowardly crime were the same groups terrorizing the Kashmir region of India.

A roundup of links is available at Pajama's Media.

July 12 Update: Rediff in India has first hand reports from Mumbaikars who were on the train when it was bombed. There are many moving accounts of a community coming together to assist each other.

Hat tip to PJM.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Slow Joe And The Subcontinent

Senator Joseph Biden recently defamed immigrants from the Indian Subcontinent.

You cannot go to a 7/11 (a chain store) or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking."
This was even noted in India's media.

While I am not surprised that a member of the Senate, from the "progressive" party no less, has made comments stereotyping immigrants to America, that these comments were directed towards immigrants one of our most important partners in the world, India, is a shock.

India is the world's largest democracy numbering approximately one billion souls and is a stalwart partner in the ongoing struggle against terrorism.

Indeed India fought terrorism in the Kashmir region while the rest of the world was focused on the long cold war. India has even stood up to the PRC and had a real shooting war while we intently squared off against the Soviet Union, ignoring the growing threat of China.

Now my obvious support for democractic governments aside I am surprised that Americans of Indian extraction drew negative attention.

The United States of America receives highly talented and hardworking immigrants from India that flourish in the professional fields. Notably this seen in the high tech fields and in medicine.

I do not denigrate the industrious souls who run convenience markets and small businesses of any type by mentioning the highly skilled nature of immigrants from the subcontinent. Anyone who can work the long hours and manage the tight margins of a small business and prosper is another facet of immigration that I support whole heartedly.

To our friends in India and my felow Americans whose ancestry is from the subcontinent, please accept an apology on my behalf for yet another of the disgraceful acts of our obviously less than wise congressmen.