Monday, December 12, 2005

Unassimilated Immigrants from SW Asia Rioting Down Under

The unassimilated immigrants from Southwestern Asia in Australia have sparked rioting akin to what was seen in France.

After declaring that a beach now belonged to the muslim immigrants the mob began taunting beach goers.

The while berating and harassing women at the beach the unassimilated immigrants were confronted by the lifeguards, in Australia a volunteer position with a large amount of respect from the community. The taunts turned to an assault upon the lifeguards by the mob of "middle eastern" looking young men.

Unlike in France the Aussie citizens themselves responded by calling up friends and confronting the ne'er-do-wells directly. It is good that they did in light of the total lack of response by their government to this harassment.

Perhaps the French will learn a lesson and confront the unassimilated, terrorist wannabes in their midst.

It appears they might by making a step in the right direction by arresting twenty terrorists-to-be. Hat tip to Little Green Footballs.

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