Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stupid Cop Tricks IV

What would the world be like if only the police were trusted with firearms?

From New York City's Police Department there are two entries:

By way of Alphecca

An officer was in a carful of men wearing bulletproof vests, ski masks and carring firearms. One of the men had the serial number on his weapon defaced.

This officer was thought to have been participating in drug dealer rip-offs.

His spouse naturally blamed it on hip hop music.

Our second entry from New York is the officer who while visiting D.C. shoots a teenage mugger but leaves the scene only reporting that he discharged his weapon in another city days later.

On the note of "..the only one professional enough... to handle a Glock .40"

Officer in Seattle receives no penalty after she shoots at a homeless man who made fun of her girlfriend while off duty.

The officer starts with leaving out the germaine facts:

Fulmer, 35, flagged down officers during the early-morning incident but didn't tell them she was armed or had fired her gun, even when they asked if she was "packing," a slang term for carrying a gun.
She then begins to find out if she perhaps caught on tape attempting homocide on her heckler:

Shortly after, the 14-year veteran asked a sergeant if there were surveillance cameras in the area, according to department memorandums obtained by The Seattle Times on Friday under a public-disclosure request.

After she got home, Fulmer contacted a police union representative and then reported to a lieutenant that she had accidentally fired her gun.

Fulmer told investigators she dropped her .38-caliber revolver and accidentally fired it once while picking it up as she chased the panhandler about 1:15 a.m. She said the panhandler had struck her companion, an off-duty Snohomish County sheriff's deputy, with a glass juice bottle while aggressively seeking money from them and making derogatory remarks about two women being together.

The panhandler, who was arrested, told police both women had lunged at him before he swung the bottle in self-defense. No charges were brought against him.

The story of the homeless man here has a great deal more credibility in light of the officer essentially asking "was I caught" when referring to surveillance video.

Not to worry though this bright light service to the community got off with only a fifteen day suspension for an attempted homocide, filing a false police report leading to the wrongful arrest of the panhandler:

Kerlikowske found Fulmer guilty of engaging in conduct unbecoming an officer and violating department rules on reporting the discharge of firearms. He also found she had used a gun for which she had not received department training.

Kerlikowske originally told Fulmer he planned to suspend her for 30 days, the most severe discipline short of firing, but he changed the penalty to 15 days after meeting with her.

And now with more on our public servants:

Florida officer shoots himself in the leg and dies.

Flint officer involved in a bizarre tale and likely scam attempt when he is shot with his own weapon he supposedly reported stolen two years previous. Naturally this brave defender of the public trust is being allowed to retire with full benefits.

From the city that just voted to disarm its populace recently (San Francisco) an officer is charged with four more felonies for abducting and forcing a woman to perform sex acts while on he was on duty. Apparently the officer could not wait for a female DUI suspect and the proverbial quid pro quo.

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