Thursday, December 22, 2005

Stupid Cop Tricks III

Its time for another astounding episode of Stupid Cop Tricks.

First and foremost on the list is the perennial den of corruption East Saint Louis and its own former Police Chief who obstructed prosecution of Ayoub "Dave" Qattom, a known felon and criminal alien, in posession of a firearm.
Authorities accused Matthews of commandeering the local investigation of Qattoum's arrest after Qattoum, a Jordanian national, expressed fear that U.S. immigration officials had learned of his legal troubles and might have him deported. Prosecutors also alleged that Matthews refused to submit the case to local prosecutors for review, and hid from grand jurors and immigration officials the gun seized from Qattoum, falsely claiming the weapon was lost or stolen.

This is naturally due to the convicted felon in posession of a firearms propensity for generosity to those that ran the machine in East St. Louis. The former Police Chielf of East St. Louis faces up to thirty years in prison for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Yet another officer leaves his credentials and firearm in his vehicle and has it stolen

Back to corruption from our brief nod to criminal incompetence we have another police executive convicted of corruption. A Virginia former sherrif steals an AR-15 carbine when he retires and pleads guilty.

A return to incompetence as a Laramie Police Chief leaves his firearm in the restroom of a restaurant.

Another fine example of weapon handling by 'the only one's professional enough to handle...a Glock .40' where a New Mexico officer shoots himself with the proverbial unloaded weapon.

And ending our parade of the foolish, incompetent and/or corrupt is the TSA who let a man in Phoenix board a plane with a loaded 9mm pistol.

Greatful hat tip to Keep and Bear Arms.

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