Saturday, December 17, 2005

Reported Failed Assasination of Iranian President

The former hostage taker and all around nutjob in charge in Iran reportedly had an attempt made on his life.

Bodyguards were killed but somehow they missed the nutjob.

This is most likely one of two things:

1) An attempt to make an excuse for war agaist Israel and maybe the "Infidel Crusaders" in Iraq.

Its an old trick to drum up some fake pretense before attacking another country. No doubt one of the Iranian president's role models, Josef Stalin, used one like this to invade Finland.

2) The mullah's in charge of Iran are actually worried that this crazy bastard may start a war and they will find out whether their metaphysical assumptions were correct or not and they put a hit on him.

Always good to have another martyr don't you know.

Either way I am unconcerned by this development.

We'll either eliminate them as a political entity in the case of a nuclear attack or isolate them, develop democratic subversisve elements in their nation and let the mullahs become irrelvant.

My money is on the latter.

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